Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's wrong with this?

After our consolate appointment this morning, we ordered KFC take-out for lunch.

Get this: 2 chicken sandwhiches, 2 sides of one wing/leg each, 2 drinks, and 5 nuggets.

Cost? 36 RMB. That's less than 6 dollars, ya'll.

Seriously, if it was that cheap to eat out in the states, I could afford to feed my children something besides the dollar menu. :)

Just thought you'd want to know.

Well, no, you probably didn't care to know. But I spent another night making friends with Mr. Toilet (second time this trip) and checking Skype to see how my sister was doing, so I'll claim sleep-deprivation and sickness as to why I'm posting a ridiculous post today.

Will you forgive me? :)

And yes, I'm the proud new aunt of a healthy little Liam Michael. I'm waiting on pictures and more details now!


  1. don't worry, we'll forgive you, selina! after everything you've done for us....why not?

  2. Sorry about the toilet trips, but great news about the nephew!


  3. Selina, sorry to hear about the GI issues! Praying those go away, especially before you travel home.
    Love hearing that food is less expensive! My daughter said she wanted to eat out with her family...we can arrange that in China!
    Congratulations on your nephew, Liam Michael! Were you able to see pictures?
    Praying that the rest of your stay in China is blessed with good bonding moments and that your travel home will be easy for one and all.


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