Monday, July 18, 2011

Sky City Marriot, Hong Kong

Gabbey is sound asleep in her crib and I'm marveling in the fact that in the last 26 hours I went from one side of the world to the other.....we're on the seventh floor of the hotel, and it overlooks the ocean. With boats coming and going and beautiful lights on the skyline, it's breathtaking, even at night.

I'm thankful for two things tonight (okay, I'm sure I'm thankful for more than two things, but I'm afraid my brain is only able to come up with two right now!).....

ONE----that the trip was uneventful and smooth. Gabbey did SO much better this flight than she did the flight home from China in December. Of course, we had just turned her world upside down and were practically strangers to her at that point, so technically speaking, she SHOULD have done better this time around. Still, she's young and hasn't traveled much, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Anyway, she slept a total of about 7 hours on the 15 hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. She took two little naps early in the flight, and then slept 6 HOURS STRAIGHT towards the end of the flight. I actually woke her up after 6  hours so she would still sleep tonight. I can't say that I slept for 6 hours straight, but I did sleep for 30 minutes, wake up with a sore neck, try a different position, sleep for 30 minutes, wake up to a sore back, try a different position, repeat over and over again, for that 6 hours. I'm not complaining, though, because it was much better than holding a screaming baby! :)

TWO----The second thing I'm thankful for is that the trip is OVER until it's time to go home in two weeks. :) Seriously, it's just not fun to be cramped in a tiny seat with no room to move for over 16 hours. It's even harder when you travel with children. But, it's manageable, and we got through it, and I'm very thankful we don't have to go through it again for 12 days. LOL

I met some wonderful stewards/stewardesses (goodness, that word looks funny. I'm probably spelling it wrong, but for once, I'm too tired to care :)) and the gentelmen on either side of me were very understanding and kind.  I was disappointed that the 747 didn't come with the individual entertainment systems that Continental had last time we flew.....those things are FABULOUS. Instead, they played movies and shows on the one big screen for most of the trip. Unfortunately, most of the movies and shows weren't something I could "appreciate", but one little blessing is that they played "Jane Eyre", one of my very favorite stories! Not quite as good as a Jane Austen movie, but close :) and it was a lovely movie.

There was a kind man on board who reminded me my dad a bit. He was very worried about me traveling alone, and kept questioning my plans and giving me good advice. Turns out, both of his grown children are adopted, so we had something in common there. Right before I got off the plane, he asked me if I had any Hong Kong money. I said no, because I hadn't exchanged any yet. He handed me 40 Hong Kong dollars "just in case" and then asked me if I had any Chinese money. I answered no, again. So he gave me several Chinese dollars as well! I thought it was very thoughtful of him.

I must go to sleep now. If I type any longer, I'm sure to fall asleep sitting up. I'll probably be awake at 3 am, so I better sleep while I can!

Love and Hugs to each of you following our journey. May Jesus Christ be glorified in everything we do!


  1. How exciting! I loved reading about how God provided for your needs on the journey.

  2. Oh Selina, I'm so glad you arrived safely and both you and Gabbey had a good trip! Its amazing to me that I'm sitting here plugging away at my normal day, and you are halfway around the world, about to meet your new daughter. All my prayers are with you, Gabbey and Johanna!

  3. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. SO happy for the update! Praying always as you meet your wonderful daughter so very soon! Thankful for the answered prayers and God's provision!

  4. Glad your journey has started off well. How kind of that gentleman--nice to know people are looking out for one another. Can't wait to follow your journey!

  5. Glad you made it and that everything was uncomplicated. Trivia for you: Stewardesses is the longest word that you can type using only your left hand. Hope everything continues to go well.


  6. I hope your first night with Johanna went well! Looking forward to your update!


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