Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know I've been primarily blogging about our family's adoption journey lately. Okay, that's ALL I've been blogging about!

But tonight, while my girls are sleeping and the people on the streets of Guangzhou are definitely NOT, my beautiful younger sister is in labor with her second child....

I was supposed to be her doula.

And it's killing me.

I did get to skype with her twice so far. Her contractions were getting closer together and pretty intense the last time we talked. I'm pretty sure not too many people have coached someone through contractions via Skype, but I'm thankful for the few minutes I got to experience with her.

I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow with a new nephew. :) 

But I still wish I could be there. Right now. To hold her hand and tell her what an amazing woman she is.

I love you, Lauren!


  1. i don't know if this brings you any comfort, selina, but just your sister knowing you wanted to be there for her must bring her a lot of confort. and watching a baby come into this world is an amazing thing to see, but you have also been in labor and you just gave birth yourself without anyone being physically present for you but the Lord by your side all the way. i bet lauren understands.

  2. I'm sorry you had to miss this. We were delayed a week in China and as a result I missed our daughter giving birth to her second child, so I know how you feel. But you both get to be aunts again, so that's pretty special!


  3. What a blessing to have Skype! I'm sorry you have to miss this special event! When do you head home?

  4. I was out blog hopping tonight and found your journey! Sounds like you're doing such a wonderful job bringing your big girl into your family! We adopted 2 waiting children 2 yrs ago. Breaks my heart at the numbers of children without families.

    Here's my question.... our little boy is waiting for us in Nanjing, the provence of Jiangsu, is your little Gabriella from there?

    I love how you advocated for the very daughter you now have!
    Praise God she has a family!


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