Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday in China

Today we had a relaxed (as in, no necessary appointments) day. Breakfast in the hotel, then we started walking to the White Swan Hotel where we were supposed to meet up with two other families for some sightseeing. Their guide is friends with our guide, and graciously invited me along because in both of these other families, the parent is traveling alone, and one of them just adopted a 13 year old girl.

Unfortunately, Johanna's joyful disposition started to change as she saw where we were headed. We ran into our guide on the street, and Johanna immediately asked her, "Where are we going?" When she found out we were getting on the bus again, she stopped walking and shook her head NO. Poor thing, she was SO sick in the bus yesterday, she definitely didn't want to experience that feeling again! I had already given her some medicine, though, so the guide talked her into going with me. She was VERY somber for a while. I don't think she was mad at me, so much as just not wanting to feel sick.

Praise the LORD----the medicine helped! I'm hoping this will encourage Johanna to trust Mommy a little.

Life is not all roses and such....Gabbey is having a difficult time here. I'm not sure exactly what she's feeling, but my usually happy-little-girl has turned into fussy-if-I'm-not-sitting-on-Mommy's-lap-and-sometimes-even-then-girl.  I'm trying to be understanding, since we've hardly gone anywhere far or different since we brought her home, and it's very possible she's worried I'm going to leave her here. At the same time, I'm a little frustrated. The only place she's truly happy is the hotel room, and we can't spend all day cooped up in one room. Please pray for me to be extra-patient, and for Gabbey to be a little less fussy. :)

First stop on our sightseeing tour was to the location of the opening ceremony for the Asian Games (held here last year), and the world's tallest TV tower. I personally think the tower would have been more attractive had it not been 3,000 degrees out with 150 % humidity. (You didn't know it got that hot in China, did you? lol)
Next stop was the memorial for some guy. I can't remember his name, because, well, I think the heat and fussy baby zapped all my brain cells. The building and grounds WERE very neat, and the man was the one who is known as the founding father of China. He overthrew the last dynasty in 1911. Funny how I can remember all of that, but not his name....hmmm....

After dying from the heat and wishing I had listened to Johanna and stayed on the island sightseeing, we returned to our hotel room, ate instant noodles for lunch and relaxed a bit. Johanna was finally able to get ahold of her teacher, and listening to her talk was so cute. I heard baba, mama, mei mei and Guangzhou, so I have a little idea of what she was talking about! When she got off the phone with the teacher, she called several other friends, and even more tonight, so I think I'll have a little bill when I check out of the hotel! Nevertheless, it is important for her to share with her friends her "new life".

After naps we went to dinner with the other "solo" travelers, then walked the island a bit, talked to another family who just adopted a 3 year old boy (they're across the hall from us in our hotel), and headed back to our room.

All in all, a good day. I bathed both girls tonight, tucked them in, and have now blogged until I'm good and sleepy!

Tomorrow's agenda: Johanna's 14th BIRTHDAY, trip to the orphanage, dinner, presents, cake, and lots of good memories.

I'm attempting to get updates on 7 children while I'm at Zhongshan Children's Welfare Institute. Please pray that they let me as it means SO much to the families waiting to bring their children home!


  1. Just a note to let you know how much your blog means to us! I have watched Johanna (then "Jessica") from the "Aging Out" list, and I am over the moon to see how well she is doing with her new family! She is beautiful, as are all of your children! God has surely blessed all of you--and we new that HE would, didn't we?

    We are considering bringing an aging out child home to join our family. I really, REALLY needed to read about a positive Gotcha Day, etc., so thank you so much! Through you, he has blessed me! :)

  2. Oh, one more thing that I forgot to mention...our Nina, adopted at 8 years old, was extremely carsick during our trip to China, and after we brought her home. It was miserable for her, and for us! It only took 3-4 months, and a lot of Dramamine, and she grew out of it. We'll keep praying for a quick adjustment for Johanna!

  3. Congrats on your beautiful daughter!
    We adopted our daughter from China who had extreme motion sickness!
    This is what helped her:
    -No food or drinks within 2 hours of riding in a car/bus
    -Never let her look out the window
    -Pei even would lay down and close her eyes and it actually helped!
    Bless you on the rest of your journey!

  4. You're so lucky to be traveling at the same time as other singles. We were separated from our travel group due to a delay and when I was in Guangzhou, I was very much alone, surrounded by people who were couples and not all that friendly in some cases, or by people who were leaving the day after we met.

    Good luck at the orphanage, both with taking Johanna back and with getting updates for your waiting friends. They are just priceless! Also, glad the medicine kicked in for her, and you'd probably be in the middle of a heat wave even if you were back home right now, so at least you're not missing the coolest summer on record :) Hope Gabbey gets more comfortable soon.


  5. Selina,

    I just wanted to shout out a big THANKYOU from the Zhongshan Group. I love that you are trying so hard for our precious families for updates. We all feel such a connection with eachother, and you are truly being a blessing to the Group.

    Thankyou again, and enjoy Z and Ms Zhong! Love her!


  6. So wonderful to hear that your time in China is going so well. I know you've had stomach aches and other items to overcome, but still such a blessing to have both of your girls sleeping next to you each night. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us at home.

    If possible, please get an update on Chen Bi Lu when you visit the orphanage. She will be 13 years in September and has a repaired CHD. Please e-mail me at if you can get any information!!



  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet Johanna! I hope her day has been fabulous without motion sickness!


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