Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just some pictures of girls and our friends...

Emma was adopted one day before Johanna. It took them a few days (they're both rather shy) but now we can't get them to stop talking, laughing and playing together!

Gabbey and Kathy's daughter Alivia. These two have been ADORABLE when they play together. They can't talk, but that hasn't seemed to hinder their communication a bit!

Kathy and Alivia (this is Kathy's 8th child, 6th girl from China!). Kathy has been a GREAT blessing to me, giving me someone to talk with and eat with, and easing my loneliness! Praise the Lord for His blessings.

This cutie is all ours :)...I've noticed quite a few setbacks in her attachment/security this week. She has been GLUED to Mommy again. I don't know if she can remember China, but it sure seems like it. I'll be glad to get her home to her Daddy and siblings who adore her :)


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