This series comes from my heart, on the alter of God's amazing G-R-A-C-E. My parenting journey has brought me to the feet of Jesus and broken me more times than I care to count.

I'm thrilled at the opportunity to share my heart with you in this series.

Which Mother are YOU? Introduction to Grace-parenting: The law-driven momma, the permissive momma, and the grace-filled momma.

What Does The Bible Say About GRACE? Part 2 in this series addresses some of the FEARS that drive the law-driven momma to harsh parenting methods.

Momma's HEART Matters! Here in Part 3, I share a simple thought that revolutionalized my parenting attitude.

30 Days of Practical Grace-Parenting Tips Introduction to the 30 Day Series!

Day 1: Start at the Beginning Practical tips for teaching obedience to 6-24 month old babies.

Day 2: Hope for the Frustrated Momma Two options that offer HOPE for those frustrating parenting moments!

Day 3: The Power of Touch in Grace Discipline How the power of touch helps in the discipline of our children.

Day 4: Think on THESE Things--Your Thoughts Matter!  Do you think, talk, and act as if your children are a blessing from the Lord? What does HE say about it?

Day 5: Mouth Trouble  What do you do when your children talk disrespectfully to you? How do we address whining and complaining? This is the first of two posts on MOUTH Troubles.

Day 6: Mouth Trouble, Revisited The second technique for training little ones to use respectful, kind words.

Day 7: The Toolbox Approach Are you parenting from a "one-size-fits-all" strategy and feeling frustrated that what works for one child isn't working for ALL of your children? Introduction to the "Toolbox" approach to grace parenting.

Day 8: The Consistency Factor and "Get Up!" Parenting Your toolbox is useless if you are not consistent in your parenting. What is "Get up" parenting? Read this post to find out. :)

Day 9: The Outlasting Technique This is a training/disciplining tool for all ages, with several variables. Try it the next time your baby is screaming in anger, your toddler is having a tantrum, or your school-aged child refuses to cooperate with you.

Day 10: Playful Parenting Are you connecting with your child through play? Here are some benefits and examples of playful parenting.

Day 11: Parent, The Teacher, Part 1 What does the Bible say about our responsibility to teach our children? This overview of teaching talks about what, how, and when we should be teaching our children.

Day 12: Parent, The Teacher, Part 2 This post details how we should be teaching our children educationally and emotionally.

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