Saturday, July 16, 2011

My bags are packed

After a busy day (make that a busy MONTH!) my bags are packed and I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

I leave from Richmond tomorrow morning at 8, land in Chicago 2 hours later, find something to do for 4 long hours :), then take a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong. Once I land in Hong Kong, I'll take a taxi to my hotel, try to get some rest, take a train the next morning to Guangzhou, and MEET JOHANNA AT 2:30!!!

I'm exhausted just typing all of that :)........

I'm very excited, but also a little nervous. I guess that's normal?

I found it comical that my flight itinerary shows NO MEAL PROVIDED for the 15 hour flight to Hong Kong (on a 747 no less!).....Yeah, pretty sure I'd be dead with no food for that long, so I'm hoping it was a misprint!

I'll let you know about the food!


  1. Wow-I've never seen an adoption happen this fast! Hope your flights are on time and smooth and that there is food for you :)


  2. I sure hope they are wrong about the food! That is a long time to go without eating. I hope you packed some snacks just encase! Praying all goes well! Love the fact that you will have Johanna the first day in Guangzhou, praying it goes well!


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