Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Day

Those of you who've adopted from China probably already know this fact, but for the rest of you reading---I'll let you in on a little secret: The trip starts to get old towards the end. :)

I've eaten at all of the good places, I've finalized the adoption, I've bought a few treasures for my children waiting at home, and I've visited the orphanage. Just let me go home now! LOL

Ellie cried hard on Skype last night. I miss her, too. And my baby! Ethan is so little and I need me some "nuggles" from him!

But here, on the China end of things, we are doing really well. Thank you for all of your excellent advice. I especially loved the tip to read Isaiah 43! I read it today, during my quiet time, and it was a tremendous encouragement!

Johanna had a wonderful day. The "issue" we had yesterday presented itself again today, and she obeyed this time :)  Such a blessing!!!! I told her how proud I was of her and I wish you could have seen her smile.....

We had some lovely tickle-chase-pillow-fights today! Johanna LOVES for me to chase her and tickle her. It may seem rather "childish", but these older kids missed out on the "normal" stages of childhood. Often, they will revert back and work through many of those missed stages once they are adopted. So it is completely normal for her to act younger than she is for awhile. I think it's adorable. She just laughs and laughs! What fun we will all have when all of the children are together at home!

Oh, dear, there I go again, thinking about home. LOL Can you tell I just talked with my Hubby and I'm missing him ALOT just a little? :)

I asked Johanna via google translate if she is excited to go home to America. She said, "yes". Then tonight, Ellie showed Johanna her dolls (they're the Elsie Dinsmore dolls from the Life of Faith collection) and explained that one doll was "Johanna's doll" and one doll was "Ellie's doll". Johanna clearly understood and got SO excited I think she would have grabbed the doll through the screen if she could have.

Made me wonder: Has this child ever even owned a doll?

Think about that one for a while, especially the next time you're annoyed at how many of your children's toys are on the floor.

I know I'l be thinking about it, both tonight, and for some time to come.......

"Oh, God, help us to make a difference, one child at a time....."


  1. Terrific! Glad that whatever it was is better today. I know exactly what you mean about the trip getting old. I traveled with my daughter (although she was 17 at the time) and we had to stay three weeks. All you want is to do your own dishes and cook your own food on your own stove and pet your animals and smell your own sheets! (not to mention the family you're missing, but it's easier to think about the mundane and miss it)

    Hope today is a great day,


  2. When i was in china with sonya, she was only seven months old and i would chase her on our king sized bed as she crawled away with peels of laughter coming form her little mouth! and then i would get her down and tickle her. she loved it too and still does. i be it's also a safe way for johanna to receive touch, affection and eye contact from you.

  3. Glad to hear that things are better today. The whole tickling thing may also be her seeking sensory input. Our Z daughter does the same thing, so she loves rough housing with her Daddy and getting tickled and literally squished.
    Almost home! Hang in there!

  4. So glad to hear things are going better! Can't wait to meet her! Hurry up and get home. I'm dying to talk to you!!!!!


  5. I'm so glad today is a better day! How wonderful to get t have tickle time and a first doll. It's okay to experience some of the childhood they missed. I think it's necessary!

  6. Just found your blog through following along on Kathleen's journey to Alivia and I wanted to send you along some love and encouragement! May you feel God's wonderful peace in each situation you face in the coming days, and may He fill you with so much love for your little ones. So glad that Johanna has a mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters now to call her own, so glad for her that she will now experience love. You are doing a wonderful job! This is a beautiful story and the Lord is surely going to use her in a mighty way!

    With love from a sister in Christ in Canada


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