Thursday, July 28, 2011

I800 for Alyssia

It is very odd to be in China, completing an adoption, and worrying about what I need to finish our NEXT adoption.

Seriously. Odd.

But, that's my life these days.

We received our I800 (that's the US immigration) approval for little Alyssia on July 22nd. I've been emailing the NVC every day, but we haven't been cabled yet. I'm holding our hope for a Monday drop-off for our Article 5. That would put us waiting for TA mid-August!

Which means Brent may be able to travel for Alyssia before her second birthday (September 25). Maybe not, but we're still thinking it might happen.

Sigh. I have mixed feelings about this one. I want my sweet baby girl home as SOON as possible.......BUT.....I'm so not ready for Brent to be gone for 2 weeks. 

It must be done, so I will get home and enjoy every minute of time we have together before he leaves.

And then we're ALL staying put. Together. For a very, very, very long time :)


  1. Home. Sweet. Home. You'll be there very soon.


  2. WOW! Three China trips in 10 months! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get your family home!
    And you know that God's hand is upon this!

  3. You're an amazing family, Selina! I have enjoyed learning about older child adoption through your journey. Praying for safe travels and a wonderful homecoming. :)

  4. Hi Selina! So happy to hear you are back home! I pray things are going well and that Johanna is adjusting to her sister, brothers and dad! I hope the jet-lag doesn't last to long. I have loved following your adoption and look forward to the day when it is my turn! Thanks for sharing, it really helped those of us (me) that wait! Blessings to you and your family!


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