Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another update

We requested an agency update on Gabbey Mei and asked specifically for pictures of her "smiling". Of course, the orphanage is under no obligation to satisfy our desire to see a smile, but they took her outside for a little photo-shoot and here are the precious, priceless FIRST pictures of our daughter smiling:

My personal favorite is this last one. I love, love, love the interaction with her nanny! This particular nanny is her "favorite" and they said Gabbey will call out to get her attention so she will pick her up. If you look back at the last update, the same nanny is holding her then as well. This is a good sign as far as attachment is concerned. The more attached to a primary caregiver a baby becomes during the first year of life, the healthier their attachment is to others in the future.
The update said Gabbey Mei is saying a couple of words, crawling forward well but not pulling up or walking yet, easily comforted when upset, and weighing in around 17 pounds (although I have heard the measurements are often incorrect since they often weigh the babies fully clothed, including a diaper). She is 27 inches long, making her about the size of an average 9 month old.