Monday, September 12, 2011


The Director and his wife arrived at the Dolton hotel around 1 pm on Monday. Brent got to meet them all, then they went out for a nice lunch. Alyssia was getting tired at this point, so they all went back to the hotel for a nap, then headed to Walmart and dinner together.

When they finished with dinner, they all joined Brent in his room and Skyped with me! I was able to meet the lovely people who have raised our daughter since she was only 5 days old. They clearly love her and are very proud of her. Brent was able to ask many questions and get to know Alyssia a little bit under a stress-free environment for her. SO much easier and better for her than just being handed to him on Gotcha Day!

The Director mentioned that they might stay the rest of the week at the Dolton with Brent. At first, I didn't think that was a good idea. (and it still might not be, in many ways) If Alyssia is able to go "back" to them, she may reject Brent altogether....But, the more I thought about it, if I was giving my sweet little Ethan up for adoption, I would surely want to hold on to him and stay close to him until the very last second that I was able to.  So, while it may be harder for Brent and Alyssia, for the sake of this loving couple who have invested so much time into our daughter, it's okay if they want to "stick around" for a few days.

Their hotel room is just down the hall from Brent's room, so hopefully they aren't able to hear her if/when she cries. Ideally, she will see that her "Dad and Mom" want her to love her "American Daddy" and it will help in her transition.

Please pray for wisdom for Brent. Today (Tuesday) is officially Gotcha Day, AND they're finalizing the adoption today as well.

On a less serious note-----isn't she just the sweetest little thing? She blew Mommy some kisses on Skype and I so wished I could have reached through the screen and touched her for a moment. 
Meeting Daddy and Annie (the guide) in the lobby of the hotel.

A trip to Walmart. She especially loved the toy section :)

Her "American Daddy" bought her a toy...
Holding onto Daddy's finger!

 Ready to buy her toy!

Foster Dad and Mom. Forever Daddy.

First Skype call with Mommy!!!


  1. What a wonderful blessing to have this transition slowly! I pray that Gotcha Day will go well.

  2. I am in awe of your husband, handling this all on his own, just as you did a few short months ago! You are going to be a very busy mom soon, in the most delightful way, with three new children in one year! Frankly, I'm envious!!!

    I will be praying for your husband and new little daughter as they begin a new life as father and daughter tomorrow. I'll also be praying for you because I can imagine that your heart is in China right now as well as at home and that must be very difficult.

  3. She really is a beauty, Selina! I will pray for Brent that through the power of the Holy Spirit that he be able to meet the needs of his new daughter and not feel threatened or intimidated in any way by the presence of her initial caregivers while alone with Alyssia in China.

  4. So sweet! Praying for her--and your--transition!!!

  5. Yes, she is just the sweetest thing!


  6. Congratulations again Selina and Brent!! What a beautiful little girl! Praying for you all!! Vicki

  7. Wow..what an opportunity to meet the foster parents. We were not allowed to meet our daughter's foster parents. Praying for a great transition and supernatural bonding.

  8. HI. I am so happy to see your daughter. I do not believe the man and woman are her foster parents, although I could be wrong. They are the directors of the Qiyang orphanage where my son was born. Could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks Jenne chavafor4 at yahoo. com

  9. Jenne,

    They are DEFINITELY her foster parents :). He is also the director of the Qiyang orphanage. They took her in when she was 5 days old, and she has been raised in their home ever since!

  10. Hola Selina,soy Angeles de España.Estoy encantada de ver a su hija, ella es bonita.Conozco a sus padres de crianzan son los directores del orfanato de Qiyang de donde es mi hija Yong Qi Jing.yo fui a recogerla en sep 2004 ahora tiene 8 años. Si gusta mandame un correo a, y estamos en contacto, gracias


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