Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bonding moments...

No more pictures from today. I didn't take any more, and the ones Johanna took, well, I'm not posting them to my blog. She clearly loves to use my camera! ;)

I wanted to share a few little moments we had throughout the day that were special, in hopes of remembering them later.....

---I got out an iron and turned it on. Johanna's curiousity is so cute! She came over and tried to figure out how to work it, so I taught her how to iron and she ironed her own shirt! She was very pleased with herself and proceeded to help me iron Gabbey's dress for tomorrow.

---Johanna gets VERY motion-sick almost as soon as she gets in a moving vehicle. (PLEASE PRAY FOR THE TRIP HOME!) I bought some medicine but didn't think she'd need it for short distances. SHE DOES. We had to go the local police station to apply for her passport today, and the poor thing was sick the whole time. She kept pointing to her head and closing her eyes. When we had to get back into the van, she cried, and kept crying for awhile. I felt so bad for her. I hugged her and rubbed her forehead and then thought to give her some ibuprofen. I'm not sure if it helped, but she sure was happy to get off the bus! We're going sightseeing tomorrow, so I'll try giving her the medicine and see if it helps. Friday's 1 and 1/2 hour trip to the orphanage ought to be interesting.....

---She called me "Mommy" for the first time today! She knew I was "Mommy" and if I pointed to myself, she would say "Mommy", but tonight she called to me from another room and said, "Mommy!"  I will be honest: my heart melted. It was so special, and I didn't even expect that I would feel the way I did when she said it....

---I took both girls to the Playroom here in the Victory Hotel to play a little this evening. I picked up a ball, said "ball" and threw it to Johanna. She giggled and threw it back to me, and we played back and forth for a while. Little by little she's becoming more spontaneous and quite adorable :)

---We bought two new hairclips at Jordan's today. She chose two really pretty ones. I love the way, when we get back to the room, she separates her own things from my things, and puts hers away in her backpack. It's very clear to her, which things belong to her, and she doesn't want it to get lost or confused with my things!

---Tonight, in our room, Johanna was full of spunk, and obviously very happy. She kept smiling and kind-of bouncing on the bed. I asked her to take a shower, and she did, and managed quite nicely. I don't think she knows how to use toilet paper, so I need to ask the guide to help explain that one to her :) She's obviously more comfortable with the squatty potties, as she seeks them out, while Mommy is looking for the traditional potties! :) (total side note here: Flip Flops are NOT cool when using a squatty. Just sayin. I don't prefer pee splashing on my shoes, but it's MUCH worse when it splashes on your BARE FEET! LOL)

---Johanna LOVES music. I was singing with Gabbey and she tried to sing along, then we all sang the ABC song together! I teach a children's choir at our church, and I can't wait to have her join us. I just know she'll love it! She kept smiling while I sang with her.

---I'm getting lots of good eye contact, and she lets me touch her. She's not returning the physical contact yet, but that's okay. We have plenty of time. I'm just trying to help her feel comfortable around me for now.

---Meghan, she LOVES the shirt you made! I asked her what she wanted to wear tomorrow, and she said "Johanna" and pulled out that shirt! :) Thank you!

---If you've emailed me or commented, please don't be hurt if I don't respond to you. I read EVERY ONE, and am so very thankful for each of you. I just don't have time this week to blog AND write emails, so I've chosen blogging. Just know that I'm thinking of each one of you, too, and I appreciate your support more than you know!

---Okay, well, what was supposed to be a short post just turned into a long one. :)  This is why I don't blog every day at home----it would take up my whole evening, because apparently I can't just write a few lines and hit "post"!!!


  1. I am loving this blog. Congratulations, and God continue to bless your family! I am waiting each day for LOA for our daughter who will be 14 in September.

  2. This is terrific stuff! So glad that everything is going well for all of you. Our son was very protective of his backpack and belongings as well. And I completely feel for Johanna since I've had motion sickness all my life. I couldn't ride from our farm to our store (1/2 mile) without being sick. The first day I met our son in China, I lost the contents of my stomach three times while the poor boy sat on my lap, grieving and bewildered. Then they gave me the front seat! (and a non-smoking van, thank goodness) Sometimes I just have to hang my head out the window like a dog if I am stuck in the back seat. Yuck! Hopefully it's just an adjustment for her and things get better.


  3. Selina, she is just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I can not wait to meet her and and just see her interact with the other kids! What an amazing journey your family has taken, and will continue to take!
    ps...I'm glad she likes her shirt! :)

  4. Love hearing about your bonding! It gives me such hope for myself and my daughter! Did she get to talk to her teacher? Thanks for taking time to share your story with us!

  5. Wow! I'm loving hearing about your trip and beautiful new daughter! She seems to be doing so well. I'm so happy for you all. Ivy got motion sickness, too. The plane ride did not affect her, but riding in the back of a car did. She continued to get sick every now and then for about 6 months after coming home. I pray in time your daughter will get used to the motion. Congratulations!

  6. Selina,
    I have loved following your journey! Congratulations and thank you for adopting this beautiful young lady. I have watched her from afar (so she is a little special to me) as my husband wasn't quite ready for an older child yet. And now I leave next week for a beautiful girl who turns 14 August 2nd!! Started her paperwork at the end of May and will be in China by next Friday. : ) Love how God works it all out.
    Keep the posts coming and I will pray that her homecoming is smooth.
    Much love and blessings to you!!


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