Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Sweet Alyssia

Brent will be traveling soon for our youngest little China-girl, Alyssia.

We never thought, when we began this journey, that we'd be bringing home THREE girls in less than a year.

God. Is. Good.

And I'm so thankful His mercies are new EVERY morning, because I desparately need His wisdom as I parent these precious children.

I have lots of pictures and things to share about how Johanna's adjustment is going.

But today is for Alyssia.

We got new pictures this morning, and OH MY GOODNESS, she's about the sweetest thing I ever saw.

And to think, she sat on an agency's list for months and was never "chosen". Of course, we're thrilled that WE get to be the lucky ones to have her in our family. :)

She's absolutely darling!!!

Isn't her hair something else? LOL

Here's what we know so far about our little Lyssie:

She will be two years old on September 25th. She was born with an arachnoid cyst in her head. It is rather large, but so far it has not caused her any problems. We will take her to a neurosurgeon when she comes home to have an MRI and discuss any treatment.

Alyssia's Chinese name is Yong, Qi Guo. She is being fostered by the Director of the orphanage. This is wonderful as far as her one-on-one time, her development, her bonding with "parents", and her inclusion in a true family setting.

Unfortunately, it usually means that she will have a harder initial adjustment period, since she will feel as if she's been "kidnapped" from her "family".

We are so very appreciative of this Director and his wife for loving our sweet Alyssia for so long. I can only imagine their feelings right now, as they do know Brent will be coming soon. They asked us to send some pictures of our family and house so they can prepare Qi Guo for her new Daddy and Momma.

But as a not-quite-two year old, she's not going to understand. Her heart is going to break.

Please pray for us, that we can help put the pieces back together.

Please pray especially for Brent, who is traveling alone and will be dealing with Alyssia for two weeks without me.

Pray my Momma's heart can handle my hubby and baby girl being so far away. I am confident he will do great. I will be honest and say that I am sad to miss Gotcha Day and all of the "firsts" that will follow.

Alyssia is described as active, stubborn, and very bright. I'm sure she'll fit in just fine with our "bunch"!


  1. Selina! Is she from Yongzhou by any chance. The reason i ask is my oldest daughter from China is from Yongzhou Hunan and they always have Yong names and she looks like a hunan baby. Is your husband staying at the Dolton in Changsha?

  2. Too cute! I will pray, Selina! Pray for us too, okay?

  3. She is too cute! It's to bad you can't go too but understand why you can't with all the additions and changes to your beautiful family. I look forward to hearing how Johanna is adjusting.

    I pray that your husband has a safe trip and that all will be well for you and the kiddos while he's gone.

  4. We will be lifting up your Precious husband while he travels and Alyssia's little heart and mind.

    You too (((hugs))) It's hard when mom & dad are apart.

  5. Adorable pictures. I think they add "stubborn" to every single referral packet :)


  6. She is precious!!! Oh my, love that hair-do!:) You all will be in my prayers! God is good, so good!! :)

  7. you are always in my prayers when I think of you. God perfectly equips those He calls.
    I'm anxious to follow and pray.
    One day at a time, trusting and learning, growing. The gospel being lived out in your family.
    it's a beautiful thing.


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