Friday, September 9, 2011

Here We Go.....Again :)

Brent's bags are packed and waiting by the door. Men don't really get into having their picture taken with a suitcase, so there aren't any cute pictures to post tonight.

Our three oldest children cried tonight. HARD. For Daddy. Because they're sad he's leaving. Because they've experienced this before and it's just a LONG two weeks, especially when you're the ones being left behind.

Johanna surprised us the most. She started crying and just couldn't stop. She sobbed in my arms for over an hour.

I think it's a combination of missing the Daddy she finally has, to missing the only home she's ever known.

It was the first time she's shown this kind of emotion. I'm thankful she wanted me to hold her while she "let it all out".....

Adoption is not for the faint of heart, folks.

But it IS what God has so clearly called us to do. And I KNOW with every part of me that God will not call me to something and then forsake me.

He's right here, holding me, loving me, helping me. He's the voice I hear when I'm holding my daughter and feeling the gut-wrenching sobs flood her little body.

It came so easy, loving our biological children. These broken, abandoned, neglected girls? They take a heaven-sent, grace-filled, on-your-face-before-God DAILY kind of love.

In the midst of our tears tonight, I'm so very thankful.

Thank you, God, for the privelege of showing these girls YOUR amazing love.


  1. As I read these kind of stories on adoption blogs I am always struck by the “similarities” of our own struggles as adopted children of our Heavenly Father.

    Attachment… Oh how we struggle to trust & accept our Fathers love.

    Behavior… Oh what a struggle we have dealing with our Sin nature and it’s bad habits.

    What Joy must it be when He see’s our tiny steps of progress in these areas as he lovingly encourages us

  2. First, I pray for you and the children during this time when your husband is away. The fact that he does not like his picture taken mean we won't have a lot of pictures for the blog once in China?

    What a wonderful journey you are on with all your children. I pray that God will continue to bless you with wisdom and grace as you continue the bonding process with Johanna and now Alyssa!

  3. Bless their sweet hearts. :) Praying for save travels for your husband. :)

  4. Hey is your new daughter from Yongzhou by any chamce? Prayign for your husbands trip to China. Kathy

  5. Praying for safe travels!

    Adoption is hard - on all parties! I love what Wes says about the relationship between us and our God and how our adopted children mirror us!

    Praying for your peace and that the kiddos lean on you in a way that brings strength to your family! (as you lean on God!)

    Get your rest - you're going to be on when daddy comes home with your precious girl!

  6. Praying Brent has a safe flight to China. I also wish we were going with him!

    Take care and I hope the time goes swiftly for you.



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