Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Work

Brent started back to work today.

As we expected, Alyssia was very sad. He openly said "good-bye" because we didn't want it to seem like he just disappeared.

She cried for a while, then calmed down to just a whimper and a "baba" every now and then.

For whatever reason, in her little mind, I am the "bad" guy. :) She still wants NOTHING to do with me.

I have always loved children and taught or babysat children since I was very young. I'm good with little ones, and I've had alot of practice with them. I've truly never had a child dislike me this much!

If she's playing and happy and I walk into the room, she starts crying. ANYONE is better than Mama right now---of course, Baba is best, but if he's not available, she'll cry for JieJie (big sister) or GeGe (big brother).

But Mama?

No way.

Alyssia did let me take care of all of her needs today and even held my hand a few times without falling apart.

I snuggled her at nap time, and while she fought me, and clearly didn't like it, she did fall asleep and took a good nap.

And OH, how happy she was when Baba came home! I made sure I was the one to take her to him, trying to reassure her that I'm not trying to take her from him.....

For the record, this is exactly how she treated Brent for the first week, so I'm pretty hopeful she'll grow to like me eventually.

At least, I'm trying to convince myself that she will...... :)

I do know that this is completely normal, and I did expect it to be this way. But it does hurt a little, mostly because I love her so completely---she's my DAUGHTER now!----and I'm just dying to shower her with that love.

I'll keep you updated as the week unfolds.....


  1. Keeping your family close in prayer.

  2. She can't help but fall in love with you!

  3. Going through something very similar here in China. It is harder than I thought it would be. I hope it gets better soon for both of us.

  4. Hi Selina ~I suspect that the problem isn't You, at all. I wonder if Alyssia has had some pain involving women in general. Try not to take it personally. She feels safe with children, because they are also children. Once she connects love and nurturing from you and sees the other children receiving that from you, she will warm up to you as Mama! : ) Love ~ Jo

  5. Hang in there! I went through a similar thing with our first - our daughter only wanted dad. It hurt like crazy at the time, but with time it did get better and she is mommas girl now. There may be something to how many times they have been abandoned my their mommas but our Chinese guide said that little Chinese girls love their daddys. Praying for you. Kippi


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