Monday, August 29, 2011

My Day in Numbers

Today I:

Changed 8 diapers.

Bathed 4 children.

Said "Be nice." about 50 times.

Kissed 6 sweet little cheeks, more than once.

Loaded 6 children up for a trip to the doctor.

Held 3 of said children down for their shot :(

Took 6 children to Chick-fil-a for lunch and felt like a circus. Yes, they're all mine! No, I'm not too young (well, maybe for Johanna).

Drove 1 15 passenger van around town for the first time.

Got in 0 accidents with said van!

Made 2 homemade meals.

Swept the kitchen 3 times.

Said "Mommy loves you!" more times than I can count.

Taught 1 child about rounding to the thousandth's place.

Listened to a 14 year old read her 1st story in English!

Stopped the van 2 times on the side of the road to deal with a bad attitude.

Sang 10 songs with my children.

Prayed 6 times with my children.

Ran 1/2 mile attempting to teach my oldest how to ride a bike.

Kissed my husband 3 times.

Yes, it was a normal day.

And now I'm off to kiss my husband a few more times now that the children are all in bed! :)


  1. Oh how I wish that we could sit down to tea or coffee together. My numbers would be similar, but not quite on the same scale. BTW, our Article 5 was picked up on 8/16 too! Maybe we'll see your husband in China?

  2. love your post.
    the sweet moments are oh so wonderful.
    the not so sweet moments are oh so difficult!
    praying and praying for you.
    I think of you several times a week and pray over your family.
    press on,
    one foot in front of the other, knowing that we can't possibly do all we do with out the strength of God than enables us to do all we do, by His grace.

  3. You look like a busy mom!


    John 3:16

  4. And you blogged....don't forget that one! You are doing such wonderful things! I hope Johanna is setting in! Blessings, Angela (from your Z group)

  5. Love it! I love that you included the highlights and also the moments some parents try to pretend never happen. :) Your children are very blessed to call you Mom!!

  6. Thanks for the peek into your day. Sounds a lot like mine, just with less heads to count. I especially like that we both stop the vehicle to deal with bad attitudes.


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