Monday, September 26, 2011

Alyssia's 2nd Birthday, in her own Words

"I may be the birthday girl, but I'm not going to be happy about it!" ;)

"No, I don't want to sit in my highchair! I told you, I'm not happy about being the birthday girl...."

"Why are all of these strange people singing a funny song? And what do they want me to do with this bright, fire thing?"

"Hmmm, this is pretty tasty. (But I'm STILL not happy that I'm the birthday girl!)"

"Cake? I know what to do with cake!"

"Hasn't this woman taken enough pictures of me yet? It's just cake, silly!"

"You want me to eat YOUR cake, too?? Okay, sure! But I'm NOT happy about it!" :)

"Goodness, being the birthday girl is exhausting. And I'm not one bit happy about it, either."


  1. She is such a beautiful child! Happy Birthday to your sweet Alyssia!

  2. I found your blog on Rumor Queen and had to tell you that these pictures just melt my heart! She is such a beautiful little girl!! I'm praying that God will heal her sad heart and help her bond with you.

  3. Cute! How wonderful that she was home with her family to celebrate!


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