Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Some Pictures

I have alot to post about. Like about how I potty trained Ethan this week and how Johanna is doing, both the good and the bad..... About sweet, gorgeous Alyssia, and how we're all holding up without Daddy..... About the changes I've made around the house to get ready for Lyssie and the awesome deal I found at a yard sale on Saturday.....

But until I have a magical window of time to post (perhaps tonight?) I'd thought I'd show off my new baby girl instead:)

Brent bought Lyssie a pink blankie and she LOVES it! Snuggles it and rubs the corners to fall asleep.....


  1. She is such a beautiful child! Congratulations on getting Ethan potty trained! That's huge in my book! Lyssie appears to be adapting well. I know you must be more than ready for them to come home. Praying for a safe trip!

  2. Love that Michigan football shirt!

    Oh, and your newest daughter is adorable too!


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