Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Perfect Day

Today was a truly Perfect Day......our first Family Day as a family of NINE.

We spent our day at the breathtakingly beautiful Carters Mountain Apple Orchard.

Picking apples.....

Eating apples and looking absolutely adorable....

Getting a quick family picture taken by a friendly stranger.....

Sitting in the grass, enjoying the cool weather, the mountain breeze, and the joy on our children's faces as they played, explored, and ate apple after apple.....

Daddy of three 2 year olds:

Momma to four girls, one of which was clearly NOT happy to be on my lap :)

Building family bonds......

Getting all sweaty wrestling with his brothers and Daddy, which then led to him losing his first top tooth!

Experiencing "brotherly love".....

Having a giggle at Noah about to lose his pants..... :)

Taking a scenic hayride through the orchard....

Yes, it was a perfect day, in so many ways.

But the best part, by far, for me?

Getting some smiles, giggles, and snuggles for the first time from my newest (and youngest) daughter:

Little by little, moment by moment, day by day, she's letting me into her world. Today, for a while at least, she let her guard down and enjoyed some Momma lovin'.

And that made it a truly Perfect Day! :)


  1. What a beautiful day and family!

  2. Today's pics of Alyssia enjoying her mama brought tears to my eyes! So glad she is warming up to you, and that you all had a wonderful family time!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! What a beautiful family:)

  4. sweet photos...especially the last one...

  5. Selina, You truly brought tears to my eyes, so happy you were blessed with such a precious day

  6. Thanks for sharing your special moments! Very happy for your joy!

  7. HOW WONDERFUL!!!! I LOVE your last couple pics of your sweet little one smiling w/ her momma: answered prayer!

  8. Looks like a wonderful family day! Loved all the sweet pictures!

  9. Selina,
    Your posts and honesty are so comforting to me.
    Your blog is really a ministry that God is using.
    I took a walk today and prayed for your family, and for all your children.
    God has done an amazing thing through you, it's so inspiring to watch you walk out in faith.
    I have three the same age also, none biologically related. I'm often thankful that I God placed them in my arms as 6 year olds. 2s were tough for me! You have such a great attitude.
    God bless you all,


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