Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Post by my 10 year old daughter

I came home from a trip to town a couple of days ago and found this blog post ready on my computer. Without any help from me (she came up with the title and content completely on her own!), Eliana (age 10) had written this, sharing her perspective on life in a large family. It's so precious, I just had to share it here.

Having a Large Family, 3 Goals from Eliana Bergey

 1)   How we get anything done.  In a big family yes, it is hard to get alot done! What I do is I take Johanna into my room and we do our math together and turn our fan on so we can’t hear anything! These are just some things we do.
2)   What are some fun things to do in a big family. Here is an example. A few nights ago we were eating dinner and I said,“Hey guys, let’s hide from Daddy when he gets home!” They said “yes, yes!” “Ok,” I said, “When Johanna sees him I will get Gabbey, and Johanna can get Lyssie and everybody else RUN!” So we waited and waited, then he came in the driveway I said “Hide! Hide!” So all the babies were in Mommy’s closet hiding when they were supposed to be under the bed! J Anyway that’s just a ideaJ. They love to play hide and seek! And most of all they like to play under my bed!! Which they are not allowed to do!

3)    How I deal with all the noise.  In our house yes, there is alot of noise! How do I do it? I do not really know. We have 7 children, 3 babies and one more in Congo, Africa! So you ask me how I do it. We have a small house, so we can’t have it perfectly no noise! Sometimes yes we do make the toddlers be quiet, but sometimes we don’t! Here are some ideas for you (1) make a play area for your little ones.( 2 ) teach them when mommy tells you to be quiet you be quiet.( 3 ) give them blessings when they obey! Now don’t think our toddlers are perfect! Cause they are not! Yes we have had some timeouts here and there, but they’re learning! Now when I say blessings I mean reward them, say “Good job, you obeyed mommy- you get a 1 chocolate chip!”

  And if you’re thinking I have my own computer I don’t! I just
 asked my Mom if I could put it on her blog! Thank you for listening and I hope to write more soon! J

 Written by: Eliana Rose Bergey, 10 years old. I love children and my dreams are to have or adopt more children!
(From Mommy: Eliana has already begun writing her second post, one on older child adoption from a younger child's perspective. I can't wait to read what she has to share!)


  1. Great job, Eliana! This is EXCELLENT!!! I Know your mommy is so proud of you! ;)

  2. Love the blog post Eliana! Keep on writing!!

  3. Great job! I love it!

    The Winslow Gang...also a large family with a very small house!

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I enjoyed reading your post. We too live in a home with lots of little ones and lots of noise but we LOVE it. You are getting lots of preparation for being a mommy someday and it is the BEST job you could EVER have. :)

  5. Wonderful post Eliana! You are a wonderful writer for only being 10! (I taught school for years, and a lot of older kids couldn't write so nicely!)

  6. Eliana,
    You did a wonderful job with your post! Your Mommy and Daddy must be so proud to have such a sweet young lady as their daughter. It sounds like you are a great helper to Mommy with the other children. That is such a blessing to her.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. I'm new to your blog and I LOVE it! I think this post is basically the sweetest thing ever. I know it's an oldie.. but such a goodie!! <3


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