Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Tour, Part 4

The Laundry Room.

Fun stuff, right? :)

Mine is nothing exciting, but since I'm taking you on this virtual home tour, I thought I better include the laundry room.

Remember when I told you we don't use the front door at our home? (unless you are a delivery man?)

The laundry room is accessed through the side door that really functions as our front door.

I hung a coat rack in the laundry room right next to the shoe bins because my five youngest children cannot yet hang up their own coats. Which translates to mean that every time we came home from an outing, Mommy had to hang up FIVE coats (not counting my own!).

It was getting a bit ridiculous, especially on the cool days when the little ones would go out to play for like, oh, three minutes, and then come back inside because it was "too cold, Mommy!"  I would have spent several minutes gathering all of the coats from the various closets, putting them on the children, zipping them up, and sending them outside, only to remove the coats and re-hang them all back up less than five minutes later.


So, the inexpensive rack from Target has been such a time-saver for this Mommy. :)

Next to the coat rack are the shoe boxes. Not very pretty to look at, I know, but sometimes you just gotta be into functional with seven children. :) The "big" kids use the laundry basket for their shoes, the "little" boys use the left box and the "little" girls use the right one. Helps a little bit when we're hunting down everyone's shoes on Sunday morning.

On the right-hand side of the teeny tiny (especially when 5 loads of laundry are on the floor) room is the practical washer and dryer.

On the left side is one of my treasured finds.

One Family Day, Brent found this shelf for me at a little Shabby-Chic store in NC. It used to be in the kitchen, but there just isn't space for it anymore, and I'm so wanting it in the house. Relocating it to the laundry room was my only option, and I figure at least I can still imagine it's in a lovely pink room. :)

I didn't take a picture of the trash can, because, well, Brent is teasing me enough about this home tour. I guess men wouldn't want to read about other men's couches and beds? :) I'm sure no one is disappointed with not getting to see our trash can. LOL

The pictures for the children's bedrooms are already downloaded, so I should be able to add them tomorrow!


  1. We have three four year olds (VIRTUAL TRIPLETS too) (by adoption) as well, & a three year old (we call them quads)!!!!! :0)

    I saw your post on the Lockwood's blog! I hope to come back & visit your blog!


    Hebrews 10:24

  2. You seem so organized! I love that! I have enjoyed the tour of your home too!


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