Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Tour, Part 1

I thought it would be fun to give you a tour of our home.

I'd love it if I had a spacious, large home. Our space seemed much bigger before we had seven kiddos running around inside it. As it is, it is just under 1500 ft. That's not much more than 100 ft. per person. But who's counting? (me, on rainy days when my littles are all playing TAG in the kitchen!)

Learning to make the most of the space I have is my new challenge. I don't have any great secrets (at least I don't think I do?)......just decluttering and organizing constantly seems to be working for now!

I love shabby chic decor (although sometimes I just decorate with whatever I have on hand), clean, uncluttered countertops and anything floral. I love to reorganize and several times a year (or more!) I will rearrange anything I can get my hands on. :)

Without further ado, here is my bedroom--my sanctuary (when it's not being overrun by legos, dinosaurs, and screaming toddlers, of course)......

Lyssie sleeps next to my side of the bed, at arms' reach if she needs me.

We have a sleep-number bed (and LOVE it!) that doesn't "attach" to a headboard, so I crafted a make-shift one out of lace and rose garlands.

Our treadmill sits in the corner of our bedroom. The oldest three children LOVE to run on the treadmill!

And here's a peek at my pink bathroom. Yes, I love pink. I saved the pink paint for my bathroom alone, though!

Tomorrow I'll show you the room I spend the majority of my time in---you guessed it!----the KITCHEN!


  1. Love your colour choices- so bright and cheery!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I cannot wait to see your Kitchen!


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