Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Tour, Part 3

Our "Living Room".

I'm not sure why it's called a Living Room, since I truly do much more of my "living" in the kitchen.


But, anyway, here's the tour of our Living Room.

We used to have floral furniture, so the tanish colored walls matched well.

When we were finally able to purchase new furniture, we went with oh-so-sturdy-and-oh-so-comfy-but-oh-so-ugly-in-my-shabby-chic-kind-of-mind furniture.

Brown. Not white. (hello? With 7 kids that wouldn't last long! ;)) Not even a hint of pink or floral. Nope. Good ol' reliable hope-it-lasts-a-really-long-time kinda furniture.

SO, I now had brown couches and tan walls. Ick.

Try as I might, pink paint just would NOT work!

So I got really brave  (for me anyway!) and went with a lovely RED accent wall. I picked out some fabric (floral!) from Hobby Lobby and made new curtains.

And can I just say that I love it? :)

While I'm quite sure I wouldn't win any Better Homes and Gardens awards :), I love the functionality of our Living Room. There's as much floor space as possible---for little feet to run around on---and a little corner just for the babies. My piano/music have a corner all their own as well.

Next up on my Home Tour? The Laundry Room. Can't say it's my favorite room of the house :), but it is one of those necessities---unless we all stop wearing clothes, lol!


  1. I can see you use your space well. So here's a question for a mom with seven children and limited space - how do you keep from being over run with children's craft projects that they lovingly bestow upon you and toys and books everywhere? I only have two and am having trouble keeping my house neat and tidy?

  2. I like your livingroom a lot! I think it was a great idea to create your toddler corner. I, too, am unconventional in many things about arranging my home, so blocking the front door isn't strange to me. Want to come over and help me with my house? My daughter's room is the only room I've personalized since buying my home nearly three years ago. The biggest reason is because I keep spending my money on adoptions!

  3. i have enjoyed your home tours. Beautiful color schemes.


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