Saturday, March 10, 2012

Family Day

It's FAMILY DAY today!

Oh, wait---you don't know what Family Day is?

Just ask any of my children and they'll tell you that Family Day happens every Saturday.

You see, Daddy doesn't have to work on Saturday! Back when Ellie (10) was just a tiny baby, Brent and I established our Family Day. A special day to spend together having fun as a family.

It's the highlight of our week (not counting church on Sundays) and we talk it up BIG to our children from the time they are babies, so they get just as excited as Daddy and Mommy about spending ALL day with each other!

We almost never do anything on Family Day that will separate our family. Our children don't play sports or do sleep-overs. We established from the beginning that Family Day was quality time spent with each other.

And we ALL (right down to Johanna, who just started having Family Days when she joined our family in July!) have a blast every Saturday.

Brent even has a silly song he sings about Family Day. But I won't share that here. LOL :)

Among other things, I'll be spending this Family Day lovin' on some really cute 2 year olds I know. :)


  1. When our older children were little we had Family Night on Thursdays after school because that's the day my husband had off then. Unfortunately he doesn't have a set schedule right now so we just have to grab an hour or two when we have a chance for family time with Haleigh and Megan. I hope you enjoy your day!

  2. A wonderful family tradition, Selina! We have always kept our Saturdays and Sundays for family time as well. I don't regret it at all! It has changed a bit only recently as our oldest is now seventeen, but I love that we were fairly rigid about spending time together as a family while he was growing up!
    What do you do on family days? Is it always something fun? As our children have grown a bit, we often have some work to do together on Saturdays, but that is good too :) A family that learns to work together is a blessing!

  3. Ours is on Mondays...and they get even more fun as the kids get older!


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