Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday.

 I must admit, I do love birthdays, especially my own :)

This year was extra-special, for a myriad of reasons. The biggest one? The fact that all three of our three Chinese blessings were here to share it with me.

Last year at this time, we were anxiously waiting to travel for Gabbey.

And this year, not only was Gabbey sitting next to me at my party, but two more sweet China-girls have since joined her!

My oldest two girls (Johanna, 14, and Eliana, 9) were just precious about Mommy's birthday.

First, they bought a cake mix, icing, candles, and two birthday cards while I was grocery shopping (they had permission to surprise me).

Then they made the cake, iced it, and cleaned up the mess, with only a little help from Daddy, and ZERO help from me! Eliana covered the cake with foil and I was forbidden to take even a PEEK before my birthday party. :)

Here's the proud cake-bakers:

The morning of my birthday, Johanna, Eliana, and Nathaniel told me to "sit down and read a book or the computer" because they were going to do all of "my" jobs for me since it was my birthday. The three of them whirled around like a tornado, going from room to room, vacuuming, straightening, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc. I kept trying to "help" and kept being told quite sternly to "SIT DOWN, MOMMY!" :)

We ate dinner as a family and then came the time for cake and gifts. Each of the older four children had purchased a gift for me-with their own money-and the look on their faces when I opened "their" gift was an adorable mixture of pride and excitement.

Eliana got me a coffee mug that says "FAMILY" on it. Johanna picked out a purple butterfly notebook with a matching pen. Nathaniel went for a little floral globe that has sparklies in it when you shake it, and Noah, sweet-four-year-old Noah......

He got me a box of candy. :) Brent told me that when Noah was picking out my candy, he wanted to know if Daddy thought Mommy would share with him?

I also received some new pj's from Brent :) He's taking me out to dinner on Friday, our first "date" (outside of our living room, lol) in several months. Of course, little Lyssie is going to chaperone us and keep us in line :)

Johanna, Eliana, and Nathaniel gave me beautiful cards. I was especially touched by the inside of Eliana's card. She wrote a list of "10 Whole Things About My Mother".....

1. sweet
2. kind
3. thankful
4. loving
5. caring
6. giving
7. sharing
8. care for us when we're sick
9. work when you're sick
10.protecting (spelled perchecking :))

Seriously. Does it get any more special than this?

I wouldn't have traded my birthday--complete with a little "box" cake and dollar store gifts for ANYTHING this year.

My children are starting to show the fruit of countless hours of repeating myself over and over teaching, training, disciplining and discipling.

And I am indeed blessed.

We put the children to bed (except for Lyssie, who we sometimes let stay up later so we can snuggle with her) and I picked her up and sat down in my rocker.

For the first time EVER, she laid her little head down on my shoulder and let me rock her to sleep.

 So, yes, I think that my 33rd birthday was my Very. Best. Birthday. Ever.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks as if it was a perfect day from start to finish!

  2. Happy Birthday, a little late!

  3. I have been following your blog for a little while, and I just have to say, you are so stinkin' cute! You are so encouraging and uplifting. Your family is precious, and I love following along.

  4. that last pic brought me to tears, as I know you have been waiting so long for that moment! God blessed you on your special bday! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy #33! I will be there soon enough! :) The last picture is absolutely precious! (And you do not look 33!) Love the apple orchard photos too.

  6. OH- forgot to mention I am sweetgirls on RQ.

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the sweetness oozing from your pictures - especially the last one with your snuggling little one - best birthday moment!


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