Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Sick

I am still sick. 100-102 degree fever for 5 days now. I'm really wiped out.

Please pray that I will feel better SOON.

And that most of my family will not get sick---Nathaniel has a fever today, so here we go...

I'm thinking now that it's the FLU and not bronchitis (or maybe both?) since I'm still running a fever and the antibiotics don't seem to be doing a THING to help. :)


  1. Have you consulted an international doctor at all? You may have a flu that we don't normally see here in the States. Sorry that you're still suffering with this, and will add prayers for your recovery.


  2. I am so sorry you are sick, I am sure that it is making everything that much harder!! Praying for FAST healing!! Your family is beautiful! I enjoyed your last "sister" post....sounds like they will be great friends! God bless u!

  3. Ive got it to, heading to the doctor today. Today is the first day i have felt like I could stay out of bed and get some things done.

  4. Oh Selina, I'm so sorry you're ill!! I'm "right down the road," if you need anything!

  5. Praying that you are beginning to feel better and that the children will all stay well.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Maybe you need another antibiotic? Ellie had Bronchitis a couple of weeks ago and she still is not 100% better - just took her to the doctors and he put her on another round of antibiotics...
    Praying for you!

  7. Selina! I hope you didn't get it from me! :( I truly hope you feel better soon. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I think I at least owe you a bottle of pills...

  8. Selina, I am praying for you and your whole precious family as you heal and adjust. ONE day at a time with JESUS.
    I was reminded today on the radio, "abide in me and you will bear much fruit" then I turned on the radio in our van in "abide in me" by Amy Grant blared into my heart. We need "much fruit" as we mother our tribes and learn to mother the new ones. Have you checked out Empowered to Connect or The Connect Child? I have really found some parts of the book to be very helpful. It's so hard because of the language but it does get better. Empowered to Connect sends me regular emails with bonding principles or ideas. Just a thought. Run to Him first!
    You have a lovely family. Praying,

  9. took a jog in the rain this morning! The Lord put you on my heart as I prayed and ran. I sure hope you are feeling a little better today. This is such a hard thing. I am trusting God with you and praying for your healing but ultimately that in this and all things He will draw you and your sweet family closer to Himself.
    Hang on to Him!
    Praying and praying, for you and all as you adjust

  10. Praying that you are getting better.


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