Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sisters: It's a Love/Hate kind of thing for now....

Eliana is VERY, VERY happy to have a sister around her age. Most of the time, so far, it's been mutual. Johanna and Eliana have been buddies, wearing their matching clothes, getting dressed together, playing together, etc.

Today they had their first "rift". :)

Ellie was trying to figure out what Johanna wanted to play. They were using Google Translate to communicate. Apparently, Johanna just wanted to be left alone, but didn't know how to say that.

Instead, she wrote, "Hate you sister. I will never care for you. You just want to control me."

It's funny now, particularly because of the wording. I took it very seriously when it happened, however. Of course, Ellie started crying. I used Google to reprimand Johanna very firmly---we do NOT use hurtful words in this house. I let her know that if she wanted to play alone, all she had to do was tell Mommy. She started to cry and let me hug her.

Ellie apologized and then I tried to get Johanna to say she was sorry. No go. :)  I had to tell her that if she wouldn't apologize to her sister, she would have to go sit on her bed for awhile.

She said "sorry".

Then started her cycle a couple of hours later. Poor thing. PMS does make you feel kind-of hateful, doesn't it?

She's back to her cheerful self, and the girls are back to playing like best friends.

Or sisters. :)


  1. I'm sure PMS and Jet lag is enough to make one a little grumpy....glad to hear they are back to playing like best friends/sisters! Blessings!

  2. Yes, PMS can really pay on the emotions! It's a wide range too, weepy one minute and angry/fussy the next! It's not always the same month to month but usually there are enough signals that you know without being told what is happening.

    A lot of changes for this little one! I'm sure she has not yet adjusted to the time change/jet lag!

  3. As if the girl doesn't have enough to deal with already! Sounds like you handled things very well, though.


  4. Ping would display very hateful and hurtful behavior alot over those first 6 months, and she was only 4, I imagine it'll be longer for Johanna to move through these difficult growing pains. Praying God's grace and wisdom for this next Season!


  5. This totally happened in our household!! C started her cycle (very first one!) a couple weeks ago, and she was back to herself after that. But for a few days, I wondered where her major attitude came from. Been meaning to comment for a while..I got your comment on my blog and I had been following your journey in China. We'll have to communicate more soon since we're going through so many of the same things!



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