Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pre-Approval and Log-in-Date!!!

We got both our PA and our LID last night. In the words of our coordinator, "Now the race is on."

I have already spent about 12-15 hours JUST working on paperwork, emails, and phone calls this week. UGH. So thankful that she's worth every single second. Remind me of that when my laundry piles up and the house is messy this week! :)

I am tentatively leaving for China to pick up our girl on Saturday, July 16. Less than four weeks! AND we're heading to Family Camp at the Bill Rice Ranch next Saturday, so aside from mountains and mountains of adoption paperwork, travel plans, packing, etc, we're having some much-needed and anticipated FAMILY TIME before Mommy and Gabbey head to China.

We need a name for our newest girl.....going to skype her this weekend and we would like to let her pick from a couple of names we've chosen. Problem is, we've already chosen TWO girl names this year, and our minds are quite mush. LOL  She can't stay "the girl we're adopting" for much longer! She needs a name! :)  Any ideas are welcome! We prefer feminine sounding names that can be shortened (think Eliana/Ellie, Gabriella/Gabbey, Alyssia/Lyssie) and have a good meaning. That narrows down our choices quite a bit.

Well, I've rambled enough for tonight. I am SO excited to share all the ways the LORD is answering our prayers regarding the details of this adoption, but it will have to wait until this Momma has had some sleep!

Goodnight, all.


  1. I'm so excited for you all! Here are some ideas for names:

    Josephina - Josie
    Samantha - Sammy
    Olivia - Livvy

    Looking forward to hearing what you choose and seeing pictures of your new growing family!!!


  2. Congrats!! I am so happy for you and excited to follow your journey.

    I prefer formal names with a nick-name too. My girls names are:
    Janelle (Janie) which means God is gracious
    Alexa (Lexie) which means Protector of Mankind

    Take care,

  3. Hi Bergeys!! Just thought I'd throw these in the mix from our last baby know our family loves A's lol!
    Alayna- "Lanie"
    Alexandra- "Lexi"
    Aubriana- "Brie"
    Talk to you soon!!!

  4. You are moving fast! Here are some suggestions:
    Elizabeth (Beth, Liz, Elsbeth, Eliza, Bets)
    Abigail (Abbie)
    Isabelle or Isabella (Belle or Bella)
    Rosalind or Roslyn
    Geneva (Gen, Gennie, Eva)
    I'm done.
    Good luck,

  5. Hi!! I saw that you all were bringing "Jessica" home and just had to leave you a comment to say, Bless you and Praise God!! I am so happpy for you and your family and this precious child!

    We have an
    Emmeline - Em or Emmie
    Elizabeth - Lizzie

    I hope you don't mind if I follow along. I had been advocating for her too and would love to see her come home!!

  6. I went to Bill Rice Camp every year as a teenager! Let us know how the Skype call turns out.

  7. How exciting! Here are a few ideas ...
    Avery - Ava
    Adrianna or Audrianna - Ada/Audrey
    Adaline - Addy
    Lilian or Liliana - Lily or Lila

    This is fun :) I'm on bed rest right now waiting the birth of our next baby due next Friday. We're having a boy (Levi) but if it had been a girl, we were going to use Allison, and call her Allie. Hope all your paperwork goes smoothly and you can get everything done in time.

  8. Hi Selina!

    I had wanted to name her Taiya because it means "joyful" (could be shortened to Ty, and spelled several different ways).

    The first picture I saw of her she had a big, wonderful smile, and it's so clear that she has a joyful spirit about her. Also, the first description I read of her was that she had a constant smile on her face while WACAP staff was at her orphanage..

    What a wonderful blessing to be able to Skype with her! Amazing! We had such little information about Amei (pronounced uh-May) before travel, and so little about Sarelle as we wait to bring her home..

    When I traveled to bring Amei home, I met another mom in Guangzhou who was also bringing an older girl home who had given a digital camera to her new daughter to use during the transition. I really thought it was a terrific idea and could see her daughter benefiting from processing what was happening with the camera. Maybe it would help you and Zhong Ling, too? It appears from what you've shared and what WACAP had shared that this orphanage director is very open, so hopefully she'll let you and Zhong Ling take a lot of pictures of where has been home for so long..

    All the best to you and your family!



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