Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Her Last Hope!


This beautiful little girl will "age out" in China on her birthday, July 22nd. If a paper-ready family does not come forward in the next couple of days, there will not be enough time for her to EVER have a family!

Brent and I have been praying about this sweet girl since Friday night. We have not received the "green light" to proceed with her adoption at this time, but we VERY much want her to know the love of a family.

We heard back from her orphanage director on Sunday night. Here is what she says about Zhong:

"Zhong Ling really wants to be adopted and have her own daddy and mommy. Everyday when she get off from school, she sees other students were picked up by their parents, she asked Ms. Zhong when she will have her own family. She knows that she will be aged out next month, so she would come to Ms. Zhong's office daily to ask if she had found a family for her. She lives in the orphanage so she is used to a "big" family. She is very helpful to take care of the younger children and she has a very pleasant personality. Her biggest wish is to have her own forever family."

She has a repaired cleft lip and palate (beautifully done, I might add). Her language is reported to NOT be affected by her palate.

My heart is literally breaking for this child. Life is SO unfair. This girl deserves a family of her own. I cannot imagine knowing that I would never have a Daddy or Mommy, no siblings, no uncles and grandparents, no family parties and vacations, no one to call when things got rough, or I needed help. No family at Christmas and birthdays, graduations and weddings, heartaches and celebrations.

PLEASE, will SOMEONE please take a close look at her? The oprhanage is easily contacted (our coordinator has called twice) and CCCWA will work with a paper-ready family to expedite this adoption. 

She is on the shared list, and I do have a copy of her file.


  1. All I can say is "if only."

  2. My Beautiful Daughter is from Zhongshan CWI aswell, I will help to spread the word! (we are declined to Adopt out of Birthorder unfortunity) But God!.........

  3. My heart is breaking for this little girl! I pray that a family will come forward for her. We also have a daughter from Zhongshan CWI. We don't have a dossier ready, but we can pray for a family!

  4. I have posted a link to your site on my blog for this precious child. My daughter is at Zhongshan CWI. I look forward to the day that I can get her. I am single and can only adopt one child, nor am I that close to traveling or I would take her. Praying that God would open someone's heart for her before it is to late! Bless you for spreading the word.

  5. My Zhongshan daughter is so sad for this little girl! Oh, and she also said that this little girl used to "pinch my cheeks". Too funny! I hope she will find her family quickly. And yes, this orphanage is very easy to work with and Ms. Zhong is wonderful. We were able to skype with our daughter before adoption.

  6. Any news?? especially my older daughter (12) is just heartbroken over this little girl!
    Would you email me if you have any news? It would mean a lot to us.


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