Monday, June 27, 2011

A Letter from Johanna!

Today we received a letter from our Josie Ling. Instead of telling you how it made us feel, I think I'll let her words speak for themselves.

Dear Dad and Mom,
How are you? I am very glad to be your daughter. Thank you for giving me this chance to have a family. It is great to have dad, mom, all relatives and friends. Are you going to send me some pictures? I really want to see all of you and my future home. I hope you can come to China ASAP to pick me up, I really want to go home and get all your love.
In the end, i wish my dad and mom health and have a happy life forever.
Your Daughter,


  1. Selina - how sweet your new daughter is!! I can hardly believe that just 6 short months ago you were in China bringing home Gabbey and hugging and kissing our Lily for us. And now you are bringing home TWO more precious girls. God's blessings are so amazing!! Vicki

  2. So, so, so excited for your new addition. What a beauty. Our son has CL/CP, too.... so not a big deal... Congratulations!!

    Suzie from RQ

  3. Such an exciting time for your whole family! Miss Johanna Ling is so precious and I am thrilled that she will be home with you so soon.

  4. Wow, all the expediting is great! I can't wait to follow your journey! How exciting!

  5. What a nice surprise. It's wonderful when she wants the adoption as much as you do!



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