Friday, June 24, 2011

First Skype Call

My heart is so very full right now. We unexpectedly got to skype with our new daughter tonight. It was so amazing! How I wish all orphanages would allow just one skype call between adoptive parents and their new children during the long, difficult wait. It literally is priceless....

She's beautiful! Her face was lit up with a smile the moment we started the call, and she smiled almost the whole time. We let each one of the older three children say "I love you" in Chinese, and she said it right back to each of them. She told us she's very excited that we're coming to get her, and she said "I love you Mama and Baba" several times. How can you feel a connection to a child who's literally a world apart?

All I know is that God planned this for us and her. He knew we needed her, and He knew she needed us. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be the mother of a teenager this year :), but oh, how precious it is to follow the leading of the Lord, wherever it may lead. We KNOW this is God's doing, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring this girl home and give her a family!

Okay, back to the Skype call. LOL. She sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" to us in Chinese, and then Ellie sang it back to her in English. Then Nathaniel wanted to sing, and he chose "Jesus Loves Me". I'm wondering if that's the first time she's heard that Jesus loves her? She'll hear it often soon enough.

I need to brag on our China coordinator, Sabrina, a bit. We Skyped with Zhong Ling while Sabrina was translating via speakerphone. Sabrina worked with us for Gabbey's adoption last year, and we loved her then, but this time, she's been amazing. She is not charging us her fees for Zhong Ling's adoption, and yet has had to work SO much more than usual in order to get CCCWA (China) to process our paperwork at lightning speed. She expects our LOA on Tuesday. To put that into perspective, usually it takes about 2 to 3 months from LID to LOA. If we get ours Tuesday, that's only ONE WEEK. Then from LOA to TA (travel approval, the document you need to actually travel and pick up your child) is usually 2-3 months. We need ours in less than 3 weeks from our LOA.  So you see, there's alot of expediting going on behind the scenes and Sabrina is the one making it happen. I can't express in words how special she is. Thank you, Sabrina, from all of the Bergey Bunch! :)

Still no name for this precious child. I'm so thankful for all of the suggestions so far! I read each and every comment, and I wish I would have had time this week to answer them more.  Unfortunately, I've been overwhelmingly swamped with paperwork. But don't stop commenting! :) It's such a blessing to know there's people all over the country supporting us and praying for us. God is working miracles and so many of you are playing a part!

Hopefully Brent and I will have time to pick a name tomorrow night. I'll announce it when we do!

Love to you all!


  1. What a wonderful surprise. How precious those moments are!!

  2. Very exciting! Good luck with the name selection.


  3. I needed tissues for that post! Love you guys and so excited to see what God has in store for her! Loretta

  4. Love that you have talked with her!


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