Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from the Bergey Bunch

Brent and Selina

Johanna Ling, 15

Eliana Rose, 10

Nathaniel Brenton, 8

Noah Michael, 6

Ethan Charles, 3

Gabriella Mei, 3

Alyssia XiaBao, 3

We are looking forward to an amazing year in 2013. Thank you for your sweet friendships, encouragement, and support. May each one of you find true joy in seving Jesus Christ with your whole hearts, this year, and always.

Blessings from each of us at the Bergey Bunch! :)

(Pictures courtesy of my sister Lauren, at www.laurenzeiglerphotography.com Thank you! :))


  1. Sweet Pictures.
    You have a beautiful family. You are blessed.

  2. I love your photos! Happy New Year!


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