Thursday, February 2, 2012

Total Randomness

The weather is gorgeous here this week. We've done a little school, played outside, done a little more school, played outside, repeat :) for three days now. After our nasty stomach bug last week that worked itself through everyone except Johanna and Gabbey, it has been a welcome change!

I want to adopt again. Sigh. I want to have another bio baby, too. :) Sigh. We need a bigger house first. Sigh. We are completely flipped on our mortgage. Sigh. God is in such total, complete, sovereign control over this,  I don't need to worry another minute about it. :) Peace.

I love parenting. I truly do. Don't get me wrong, with virtual triplet toddlers, there are many, many days when I fall into bed exhausted and feel as if I'll never get on top of it all. :) But in the midst of the unlimited laundry, the messy floors, the toys I step on in the middle of the night while answering yet another crying child......there is joy. Real joy. It's not found in the perfect house (although I do try, lol!) nor the perfect child. Real joy is found when I drink in the scent of a freshly bathed, newly adopted Alyssia (2)  snuggling in my bed. It is found when I awake to Gabbey's (2) little arm around my neck. It is found when I hear Ethan (2) saying to one of his siblings, "I so sowwy. I won't hit you again." :) It is found when I walk through the house at night and look at each sweet sleeping child and remember why I'm doing this. Yes, there's joy. And I truly do love parenting. :)

Johanna (14) is doing so well. The longer she is in our home, the more we are able to communicate, and the more we communicate, the more I learn about her life before us and her true thoughts, dreams, and wishes. She says she doesn't want to ever get married because she wants to stay with us forever. :) I'm okay with that, although it's likely she'll change her mind someday. The immaturity is still there, but she's learning and growing, with lots of repititon and teaching. Her social skills are improving as well.

Eliana (9) has violin lessons tonight. She's been playing for 11 months and is doing fantastic! I'm so proud of her. Thursday nights are our "date nights" although I usually take along one other child for some extra "Mommy" time.

I love my husband. He's so committed to our Lord and our family. I find it amazing that even after 13+ years of marriage, I still miss him when he's at work. Just today, I was telling Johanna, Nathaniel (7)and Eliana that Daddy and Mommy like to kiss and snuggle after they go to bed. :)

Brent bought a bread machine for me for Christmas. I'm using it almost every day! I love to make homemade bread, but my days are so full, I didn't have much time for making it. The bread machine is a life-saver for me! Between my rice cooker, crock-pot, and bread machine, I've got lots of "help" in the kitchen!

I'm thinking of potty training Gabbey soon. (The other two are already trained.) She's still only 19 pounds (at 2 years, 4 months!). She's seriously REALLY tiny! I think she'll be four before she can climb onto the toilet unassisted. But she's bright and I think she's probably ready for big girl underwear. Not that I'll be able to find them in her size, lol. Hmmm, do they make underwear in 18 months sizes???

I need a nap. Unfortunately, it's after 4 pm now and everyone is awake. My youngest four (ages 5, 2, 2, and 2) still nap for 2 hours every day. It's Mommy's recharge time. You know the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Yes, I need just a tiny absence from the mighty-mess-makers every day in order to grow that much fonder of each one of them. LOL

Gabbey is back in our bed. I would describe her as "insecurely attached". Some fears still come out at night, or any time she's in her own bed, for that matter.  We tried putting her back in our bed and she's just so much more content. Co-sleeping has always been something we're willing to do if needed, and in Gabbey's case, it seems to be needed. For now, at least.

How's that for a "random" post? I must go start dinner now. :)


  1. Love the Randomness. I've enjoyed following your blog and find it very encouraging! We are currently adopting from China. We have four biological children and this will be our first adoption!

  2. HI Selina, glad to hear that everyone is feeling better around your house! Lily is starting to show interest in the potty but, like Gabbey, is way too small to climb up. We have a little one that she loves to sit on and then fill with toilet paper. Gotta love our tiny Nanjing girls!

    And after 35+ years of marriage I, too, still miss my dear husband when he is at work! :-)

  3. My 3.5 year old just potty trained. He was wearing size 2 diapers (he has dwarfism, he weighs 27 lbs on a good day but his butt is particularly small). He can't get on a potty, or have his penis reach high enough for most potties, but it is working (those fold up potty seats and standing on my feet to urinate are awesome). But I was going to say the place that I've had the most luck at buying 2T Toys R Us.

  4. I guess the missing the husband thing doesn't work for me... I'm a Navy wife, so I don't even notice until he's been gone at least 10 days... :)

    Glad you are all feeling better. And I agree- co-sleeping is a good tool for "when you need to"! It will only last for a time, but a secure attachment is forever.

    I also understand the "want to adopt again" but "have to have peace about waiting" thing.

  5. Nikki is almost trained, she is such a monkey she has no trouble climging onto the toilet. I had problems with finding underwear for Matthew when we adopted him from Ukraine he was 26months and was 18 pounds. I found that the underwear at the gap are much smaller than any other store. Nikki doesn't seem to be as small as your Nanjjing girl or Vicki's she is over 25 pounds and 34 inches tall! But she is a climber and really starting to talk. This morning she said her first sentence. She wanted the music on and said" yes lala please thanks mom" So sweet!

  6. PS I still have Matthew (8 yrs adopted at 26 months) sleeping in a bed in our room because is insecurities come out at night. He was in such a rough orphanage in Ukraine---nothing like Nikki's in Nanjjing.

  7. Thanks for taking time to make this wonderful "random" post! It is a fantastic "catch up" post!

  8. This may seem a little technical but to keep people from being confused... a flipped mortgage is a result of an illegal activity. I think you are shooting for 'upside down' 'underwater' or 'negative equity'. Wouldn't want people to think you joined the mafia or anything. Love you guys and we're praying for you all.


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