Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eliana's 10th Birthday

Eliana turned 10 this past Monday!  We celebrated with a little "photo shoot" outside early in the day, a quiet party at home in the evening.....

and a fun trip to the Children's Museum of Richmond with Ellie's best friend Emily and her family.

Elise, Eliana, and Emily (with the adorable butterfly cake that Emily's mommy, my friend Angela, made)

I am so proud of my little lady. I love the way she's gentle, submissive, and so very teachable. She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with her life. She's had to overcome many challenges in her short life and has rebounded with beautiful grace, choosing to grow from whatever the Lord allows in her life rather than become bitter. The first nine years of her life, Ellie was the only girl in our family, but in the last year she's gained THREE sisters and now there are plenty of dolls, hairbows, frilly dresses and PINK things in our home. :) God has blessed Ellie with musical talent (and an incredible ability to play music by ear) and she has spent the last year working very diligently on her violin. If you asked her what she wants to "be" when she grows up, Ellie would answer "a missionary and a veterinarian".......... "Oh and I want to have ALOT of children, both biological and adopted." :) She has a sensitve heart to hurting people and animals and is very nurturing with her littlest siblings. Gabbey (2) recently moved back into Ellie's room and while her crib has a nice place along one side of the room, Gabbey has yet to sleep in it. Instead, Ellie and Gabbey curl up together in Ellie's bottom bunk and snuggle the night away!

God answered a very specific prayer when He blessed us with our firstborn child. We named her "Eliana" because it means "my God has answered my prayer".

He has answered that prayer and continues to bless our lives with our beautiful daughter.

Happy Birthday, Ellie Rose. May you always seek the Lord in all you do and follow Him with your whole heart. 


  1. Happy Birthday,Ellie! Oh, and my daughter also wants to be a missionary and veterinarian. Add to that list a spy as well, LOL!


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