Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My boy

My Nathaniel (7) is quite the little character. He's always been busy.busy.busy.....never slowing down for more than a second and never of his own accord. He followed our very obedient, very calm Eliana, and was often a shock to this Momma. :) I remember putting him in his highchair as a toddler, hoping he would color for a few minutes while I did the dishes. He would pick up each crayon, look at it, color one quick scribble with it, and promptly drop it on the floor, until ALL of the crayons were on the floor---and then he would start asking to get down. Total highchair time: about 1 minute. :)

Entertaining himself comes difficult for my Nathaniel, because he's 100 percent a people person. Torture for this child is defined as being anywhere by himself. He's not particular as to which one of his siblings he plays with---as long as someone is playing with him at all times.

Nathaniel also constantly makes us laugh. I can't tell you how many times I've been lecturing him about some misbehaviour only to find myself starting to laugh. (Take last night, for example. I hear myself saying, "Nathaniel. We do NOT pick our nose and put the booger on our brother's shirt! How would you feel if Daddy picked his nose and put it on your shirt?" At this point, I lost my composure and had to turn away so he couldn't see my face. "What's wrong, Mommy?" Um, nothing. I just can't believe the words I'm hearing coming out of my own mouth!)

 Tonight, I thought I'd share a couple of funny stories regarding our sweet boy, Nathaniel.......

A few weeks ago, I walked into the kids' bathroom and found an empty toilet-paper roll floating in the toilet. I called out to no one in particular---"WHO put the toilet-paper roll into the toilet?" fully expecting one of the babies to have been the culprit.

Silence for a brief moment and then Nathaniel pipes up from another room with "I did, Mommy! There wasn't any more toilet paper left so I wiped with it."

Um, yeah. Gross. Yet resourceful in a gross kind of way.

Then just today I questioned Nathaniel to make sure he washed his hands after using the bathroom.

"Yes, ma'am."

Remembering that the hand-soap was empty in my bathroom, I questioned him again.

"Buddy, there's no soap in Momma's bathroom. How did you wash your hands?"

"Oh, I used your hairspray. Don't worry, Mommy. My hands smell good now!"

Yep. That's my boy.:)

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  1. Too Funny! He sounds like he thinks like my younger brother. My mom told my brother not to cut his hair. My brother said okay. The next day, unknown to my mom, he cut a tiny bit of hair. The day after that, he butchered his hair with my razor. When he got caught, my mom said, "Didn't I tell you not to cut your hair?" He said, "Yes, but that was two days ago. I cut my hair a little bit yesterday and you didn't say anything, so today I cut it more."


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