Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Toddler Training, Series Overview

I'm SO excited to begin this series! This will be a two-part series covering everything from parenting philosophies to potty-training.

Part One of this series is going to cover Purposeful Parenting, while Part Two will cover the practical Toddler Training Tips.

Toddler, Defined

The word toddler could mean different things to different people, but for the sake of this series, we're going to consider all little ones between the crawling stage and kindergarten age "toddlers".  Our expectations--and their abilities---will grow with their age, but most of the things we'll be talking about will apply to this age range.


I'm not the world's greatest parent. Shocker, I know. :) I'm not writing this series because I have all the answers. I don't. I do think I have great children, but they're certainly not perfect. Nor do I expect that they ever will be. Without their sin, they would never realize their need of a Saviour, so in a way, I'm thankful for their childish misbehavior.

This is not a "How to Have a Perfectly Behaved Child in 3 Days" series, nor is it a method guaranteeing Godly children because it's the only Biblical way to parent toddlers. Nope. (Neither one of those really exists anyway.) It's not the ONLY way to successfully parent toddlers,  SO if you have a better or more efficient way of parenting, don't listen to a word I say! :) Better yet, add your ideas to the comments as I'd love to try them sometime!

My goal in writing this series is simply this: To share what works for the Bergey Bunch and offer encouragement to other Mommies in the midst of the busy toddler years.  


Here's a few of the topics I have planned:

--The Heart of the Matter: Parenting With a Purpose
--Parenting Philosophies: Which One Works For You?
--Jesus' Take on Toddlers
--Potty Training 101
--Manners: How Scripting Can Teach Our Children Manners
--Bedtime: Back to Basics
--Discipline, From Do-Overs to Spankings
--and many more!

Have a topic you'd like to see covered? Let me know!

Are you an experienced Mommy who would like to contribute to this series? Leave a comment or email me with your ideas!

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