Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Oldest Son

Nathaniel Brenton. Nathaniel means "gift of God" and Brenton is after his daddy. He turned seven earlier this month.

Nathaniel joined our family in a "BIG" way.......He was my biggest birth----10 lbs, 12 oz!----but my easiest, smoothest childbirth. (Who would have thought that a large baby would be easier to birth?? :))

He's definitely a people person. Even as a baby, Nathaniel would wake up early in the morning, ready to play, play, play! His idea of torture is being asked to play alone for a while. He gets in more trouble than some of our other children (mostly because he doesn't stop to think before he's on to his next adventure!) , but he's got a great big heart and a tender spirit to our teaching. We know God has something awesome planned for our little man someday and we're so thankful we get to be a part of Nathaniel's life.

Brent and I love music and enjoy writing music on occasion. We have written several songs for our children and today I thought I'd share Nathaniel's song.

Nathaniel is my Buddy,
My Buddy, my Buddy,
Nathaniel is my Buddy-
I love him all. day. long!
We love to hop and sing,
And run and jump and say--
I love my Buddy,
And my Buddy loves me!
Nathaniel is my Buddy,
Nathaniel is my Buddy--
I love my Buddy,
And my Buddy loves me.

It's simple, I know, but Oh! how children love having a song with their name in it! This song is called "The Buddy Song" because Daddy calls his boys little "buddies". :)

Since Nathaniel's birthday is in the Fall, one of his traditions we've established is having a fire in our fire-pit and roasting marshmellows over it! The cool evening, complete with extended family, fire, and marshmellows is always a hit with everyone. Last year, we told stories around our fire, but this year, we sang. There's just something special about little voices singing praises to our Lord, circled around a warm fire. It was one of those moments you tuck away and bring out later when things are rough and you need a good reminder of why I'm doing this.  :)

Marshmellows, marshmellows, and more marshmellows!

Happy Birthday month, to my oldest son and sweet little Buddy!


  1. happy birthday month to Nathaniel

  2. Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!! Selena,Some of my easiest births were my 10 pounders.My midwife pointed out that babies head sizes are on average all the same size and fat squishes so it is no harder to deliver a BIG baby then a skinny boney one.:)I thought that was neat to think about.I am still not able to leave comments on my google account but my blog is http://ourlittlehaven.blogspot.com

  3. Nikki---Curious if I "know" you from somewhere? Or maybe you just found my blog? Anyway, checked out your blog for a bit---love the names of your children! Mercy is a gorgeous name :) God bless!

  4. Hi Selina,
    I just found your blog but am not sure where.:)I love your sweet little family.I have enjoyed reading about how your family has grown through adoption.~Congratulations again on all your additions this year.Happy Thanksgiving to you!!Nikki

  5. Happy Birthday to Nathaniel! What a fun idea to have a marshmallow roast for a birthday party! I'll have to keep that in mind for our newest baby - born this July, so it will be awhile. All the rest of my kids have birthdays when we have tons of snow. I love family singing around a campfire!

  6. Marshmallows sound yummy, and very good for a birthday! 10 pounds is a very big baby!
    God bless:

  7. Selina...I'd love it if you could email me... wearechinabound @ gmail.com thanks!

  8. I prayed for you today.
    the word that came to mind as I prayed was just "perspective". I guess because I've been praying that for myself. To see my little broken children as God sees us. Adoption is such a very real picture of the gospel. God loving us and pursuing us even when we kick and scream and refuse him. So, just know that you are thought of across the miles. Hang in there my sister in Christ! We are not home yet, He has overcome the world.
    God loves you,


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