Sunday, November 13, 2011


This conversation was overheard between Johanna (14) and Eliana (9) as they laid in their bunk beds trying to go to sleep tonight.....

Ellie: "What do you dream about?"

Johanna: "Sometimes bad things."

Ellie: "You know what I do when I have bad dreams? I pray to Jesus! Then I go back to sleep and I'm not afraid anymore."

Johanna: "Don't know how to pray."

Ellie: "Yes you do. Just pray like this, 'Dear God, please help me not be afraid. Please take away the bad dreams. Amen.' "

Johanna: "But I not know good English...."

Ellie: "Oh, that doesn't matter. You can pray to Jesus in Chinese! He understands everything!"


  1. This warmed my heart:) How absolutely precious!

  2. This is so cute! Wisdom from the mouth of babes. :)

  3. To think not long ago she had no hope, but now she has the comfort she needs!

  4. This makes my heart smile! What a precious blessing that you could overhear that one!

  5. Wow! Gave me chills.
    So thankful that He does understand everything.
    Thank you for posting this. I needed that reminder today.

  6. Very good advice from Ellie. :-)

    We brought our son home when he was 13. He's now 15 and a Christian. He's still not real comfortable praying out loud but I've told him before to pray in Chinese, which he's done. We certainly don't know what he's saying but God does.


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