Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reflections of Family Day....

Night has fallen on the Bergey household.

All seven children are tucked soundly into their warm beds. Brent and I sit down in front of our cozy fireplace for some "couple" time. I take a few minutes to reflect on our day.....

An early morning wake-up call by Ethan (2 years) crawling into bed with me.

"I need to 'nuggle, Mommy." he whispered. "I'll be quiet!"

I find myself sandwiched in-between Lyssie (also 2 years) at my back and my sweet-smelling Ethan at my front.

I attempt to fall back to sleep, but then Gabbey (also 2 years) wakes up. I can hear her fussing from the bathroom (her crib is in there) and wake Brent up since I'm already squished by the two-year-old sandwich.

Gabbey crawls over Lyssie to lay on my chest.

I officially cannot move or even breathe.

I look over at Brent and he whispers----"How can anyone not LOVE two-year-olds??" :)

Egg and sausage casserole feeds our family breakfast.

We head to town to run errands. Brent drops the four girls and I off at Joann's (I had two gift-cards from the Adoption Shower!).

Johanna (14) and Eliana (9) pick out a gorgeous turquoise and pink print for new Sunday dresses.

(If you're now thinking "when does she have time to sew??" the answer would be, I don't. All I know is, I am thoroughly disgusted with the lack of modest, feminine dresses for older girls so I will HAVE to find time to sew this week! :) )

The dollar menu at Burger King feeds our family lunch. The kiddos especially enjoy the play area. I love it that Johanna shows no reservations when it comes to play.

Find a couple of pairs of boots for the younger girls and Noah at a thrift store. Of course, now that almost all of my children have snow gear, we surely won't see as much as one snowflake this year.

Pick up groceries at Sam's Club. Brent and Nathaniel (7) stay in the car and listen to a football game while the baby girls sleep.

We try EVERY sample offered at Sam's and we all prefer the pie samples. Some serious YUM! :)

Avoid getting yelled at by a grumpy man in a wheelchair like our last trip to Sam's. Whew. Refreshing.

Head home. Ethan falls asleep and I carry him straight to bed.

Older girls bathe the little girls while Nathaniel and Noah (4) drenched my entire bathroom with water take their bath. I am reminded that some things do get easier--my girls are such a blessing!

Snuggle Gabbey and put her to bed.

Sing to Lyssie and tuck her into bed.

Lay on the couch with Johanna. She wants to be carried to bed by Daddy.

Eliana lets Daddy pull a tooth. The tooth fairy doesn't come to our house :) but we do put money under our kids pillows after they've lost a tooth.

Johanna tried yet again to pull one of her teeth. She's totally bummed that she lost all of her baby teeth in China and has no money-earning potential left in her mouth.

I ask her who pulled her teeth in China.

"I pull my teeth, throw them on the floor." she nonchalantly replies.

I kiss the oldest four good-night and reflect for awhile....

I'm so thankful.

For babies who sandwich.

For boys who laugh loudly.

For girls who love feminine things as much as I do.

For children growing in maturity.

For a little girls who are growing and blending beautifully into our family.

And for a daughter who no longer has to take care of things that should never have been her responsiblity.

It was a typical Family Day.



  1. Love this post! Love the description of your 2 year old sandwich. :) By the time we come home in April or May we'll have 2 two year olds and a newly turned 3 year old plus our big girls 6 and 8. :) I can't wait!! People thing I'm crazy but I just can't wait!!! :) It breaks my heart to think that Johanna had to deal with losing teeth all by herself. Poor sweet girl. No longer though! :) Glory to God!

  2. Our 4 yr old has slept with us since we brought her home 2 years ago - we will be bringing home another treasure hopefully summer 2012 & I can't wait to be part of a little sandwich :) oh...tears thinking about Johanna & her teeth - the things our children experienced before becoming "one less" tears my heart in two.

  3. How about Hanna Anderssen dresses? I don't know what size they go up to, but they are the only dresses I can find with sleeves, even long sleeved ones! Is Joanna interested in sewing for herself?


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