Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Update #1: I forgot to tell you that it's COOKED in, I can't get it off my stove. In case that changes your guess.... :)

Before I tell the story behind this mess on my flattop stove, I thought I'd give my loyal (all three of you, lol) blog readers a chance to guess what it is.....

SO, what do you think? I'll fill you in on the little secret tomorrow :)


  1. Oh, I just love a good mystery! This is tough, though. After considering feta cheese, baking soda, and a few other things, I've decided on confectioner's sugar. Can't wait to see the big reveal :-)


  2. Sheesh-it just got a lot more complicated! Is it a plastic toy?

  3. I am going to guess something plastic. We have a similar mess still gracing the front of our wood stove -- from the bottom of one of the boys' slippers over 20 years ago.

    On another note -- we got our NVC cable so our Art 5 should be picked up on 1/13!


  4. My first guess was baby spit-up. Then I read it was cooked on. ;) Didn't think you would leave it on there that long. lol

    Then I thought of all the little ones 'helping' you with clean up and putting something on the stove. I agree, something plastic - bottle, cup, plastic fork/spoon, hair thingy's, the list is endless.

    Also, I have found that Mr. Earaser sponge get's rid of ANYTHING on my flat top stove. I also have a cleaner with a scrub brush, got it at walmart, that has a pad that velcro's to the bottom and it works GREAT!! It's made just for flat tope stoves.

    Give everyone a kiss for me. (except Brent:)

  5. Pancake batter? That is always what is stuck on mine


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