Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There were some great guesses for the green-gloopy-mess that burnt onto my flat-top stove recently, but no one got it right. Not surprising when you find out what it was: A DIAPER. Yes, a baby diaper. How in the world did I get a diaper burnt onto my stove, you ask?

I was cooking dinner one evening last week, and smelled a terrible, horrible familiar smell: baby poop. Hmm, I wondered which baby was the culprit. Asked one of the kiddos to sniff some little bottoms. (I was cooking, after all!) We discovered it was Ethan, so I sent Nathaniel to get a diaper out of my room. "Yes, Ma'am" and he was off running *this boy doesn't do anything slowly :)*. He ran back into the kitchen with lightening speed and promptly THREW THE DIAPER AT ME. Which of course, I didn't catch, since I had NO idea he was going to throw it at me! I had just moved our dinner off a hot burner, and the diaper landed right on the "hot spot". And immediately started TO MELT. I didn't want to get burned, so I removed the diaper and left the rest of the mess until after dinner. At which time I discovered an interesting fact: burnt-on-diaper-goop, when allowed to cool, is AS HARD AS A ROCK!

Don't believe everything you hear about those leak-proof diapers. They may be guarranteed to hold 14 gallons of pee, but they don't hold up for even a SECOND on a hot stove top.  :) Ask me how I know, lol...

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