Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Less than two days!

We are leaving in less than TWO days. You would think, after a year to prepare, that I'd be SO ready right now.....but I keep coming up with more last-minute things to do.

Brent's Mom flew in on Tuesday. She's keeping Nathaniel and Noah while we are gone. It didn't really hit me until I started going over everything she needs to know that I'm LEAVING my boys for 17 days! I think the only other time I've been away for more than a day is when Ethan was born.  Missing them is going to be hard. I'm really hoping SKYPE cooperates and we can see at least see and talk to them!

Here's our itinerary:

12/3 Fly out at 7 am, Richmond to Newark, Newark to Beijing, Beijing to Nanjing. 24 hours after we leave, we will finally be there!
12/5 "Free" day. Acclimate to time change and get ready for Gabbey.Sight-see if we're up to it.
12/6 Gotcha Day---the day we get Gabbey!!!!!
12/7 We finalize and officially adopt Gabbey.
12/8 Apply for her passport. Maybe sight-see?
12/9 Tour her orphanage and finding spot.
12/10 Pack up, receive her passport, fly to Guangzhou in the evening.
12/11 Medical exam
12/12 Safari Park
12/13 Free day
12/14 Free day
12/15 Consolate Oath
12/16 Free day
12/17 Take an evening train to Hongkong
12/18 Sightseeing in Hongkong!
12/19 Fly out at 11:35am, arrive home to Richmond at 6pm, on Noah's 4th Birthday! :)

(We will be doing some shopping, touring, etc on the free days, depending on how Gabriella is adjusting.)

Okay, well, back to packing. More later.........


  1. We are praying for you all today (Friday). We will look forward to hearing and seeing more as you are able to post.

    Pastor Alvis

  2. I am praying for you too! I can't wait to see how big Gabbey is, maybe that will give me an idea about our little one Rushiu who I think is in the same group as Gabbey. Cara


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