Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keepin' It REAL

---Jet lag is REALLY hard. Just sayin. We were up ALL night with Gabbey, and poor Eliana didn't sleep well either.

---Mommy is not a very good Mommy when she is severely sleep-deprived. In case you were wondering. I allowed two hours (yes, HOURS) of videos this morning so I could try to sleep a little. Bad, bad, Mommy.

---Five children all needing Mommy at the same time is hard. I want to love on ALL of them!

---I could really use a cook and a maid about right now. And some sleep. But not in that order. Definitely need the sleep the most!

---Our newest blessing is just that. A blessing. And positively adorable. And SO petite. She weighed 15 lbs 8 oz at her checkup on Monday.

---Oddly enough, I can't wait to start back to school and our routine. Call me crazy, but I miss our school days!

---Dishes don't wash themselves, babies don't change themselves, and laundry piles up whether you want it to or not. Really. Isn't that a shame?

---Life will get better. I keep telling myself this, because I KNOW it's true. I just need enough sleep to believe myself. SOON!


  1. I love sleep too! I would volunteer to help wherever you needed but my son and I were up puking all night so I'm basically worthless right now... not to mention contagious.

    Hope your days even out soon.

  2. Oh, yeah, sleep is precious indeed! Hope you are able to get some soon.


  3. So glad you are home safe. I remember jet lag, it is so hard for the first few days. Just relax and enjoy your kids, the rest will get done eventually. Merry Christmas, Cara Norby

  4. Welcome HOME!! Jet lag is no fun. I hope you all recover soon. Vicki


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