Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just opened my email to our last update on little Gabriella Mei. Our agency requests one final update before travel, to help with sizes (I hope all the clothes I have for her don't swallow her up! She's tiny!)......She's only 15 lbs. (last update said 17, but updates are known to be off a little. I'm betting she's more like 15 lbs.)

Most of my babies have been 15 lbs by like, 3 or 4 months, (and Nathaniel was 15 lbs at 5 weeks, but he doesn't count, since I birthed a whale when he was born...) so this little one is going to be a shock to my system! I'm so glad we'll get to enjoy her sweet "smallness" for a little bit, since we missed the first year of her life.

They said she has 6 teeth, but I don't believe them, cause I can see at least 7 in the pictures? Who knows.

And----BEST of all----they sent 6 new pictures! I'm so excited, I can hardly breathe. We're so close now, and it is finally seeming REAL that she's ours, that we'll have her in our arms in a matter of DAYS!

Enough chatter----what you really came to see was the pictures, right? Keep in mind, the Chinese BUNDLE their babies, and I've counted at least THREE layers in each of her outfits....:)

Be still, my heart! Isn't she just precious? How will I ever last another 10 days until we finally board that plane to China???


  1. Are you taking your whole family with you? She is going to be so happy to be loved by you!

  2. We are taking our 8 yr old and our 19 month old (youngest and oldest)....the middle two boys are staying with Meme. I will miss them terribly.....but it would have been really hard on them to travel that far and for that long....not to mention the cost of two more plane tickets!

  3. Can I ask, How do you get updates? We haven't gotten anything new about our Wei Rushiu (who I think is in the same group with your Gabby). All we know is what was on her referral papers. We are currently waiting for our Art 5. God Bless you with safe travels and lots of bonding. Cara Norby

  4. ditto on how do you get the updates??? we are waiting on TA and have gotten one weight update...yikes! we are also adopting #5 with three bio and #4 adopted as well. will you be blogging your trip???

  5. Cara and Nicole,

    Our agency has requested all of our updates. They asked me NOT to go through a third-party. Each time I've asked, I've had an update in a few days!
    Cara, has your in-China rep asked for an update? Nanjing SWI has been more-than accomadating...
    I know how precious pictures are!
    And yes, I plan on blogging often in China! :)


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