Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Give me a "T"----Give me an "A"----what's that spell?

In the China adoption world, it spells....TRAVEL APPROVAL! We have to "go-ahead" to hop on a plane and get our baby!

Well, not quite that fast. We need an appointment at the US Consulate in China, first. That should be scheduled in a day or two. THEN we can buy our tickets and start packing! Our agency requested the CA (consulate appt.) so we would be leaving around DECEMBER 1st----just two short weeks away.

I can hardly breathe I'm so excited. You might think, after birthing four children, having a child (by any means) would be old hat by now.....

NOT SO! This precious new life the Lord is entrusting us with is a gift straight from HIM, just like our biological children are.

Think for just a minute the possible end results of Gabriella's adoption.....1) One orphan off the streets and LOVED unconditionally. 2) One child presented with the love of God and His salvation plan that she most certainly would NOT have learned in communist China. 3) Our bio children being exposed to, learning, and living the experience of adoption. 4) The incredible blessing of having a beautiful child to mold, train, love, guide, and share life's journey with.   I could go on and on, but I'll stop with Number 5-----Perhaps another family out there will have their hearts open to the millions of orphans in the world. They need a family, they need a chance, but most of all, they need the Saviour. Will you be the one to bring them HOPE?

may be  most definitely WILL be very busy the next two weeks, but I have every intention of blogging frequently while we're on our trip. SO many have asked, listened, prayed, and encouraged us on this journey and I want EVERYONE to get to share in the blessings! So bookmark this page, and check in often for our updates.

Gabriella Mei Bergey, your days in the orphanage are truly numbered now. Sleep sweetly, tonight, little one, for very soon, where once you slept alone, you will sleep in our arms.

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  1. I am so excited for you and your family! What a great way to end the year! I will keep your travels in my prayers.


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