Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Tour, Part 5, Revisited

I know I already shared about our girls' room here, but since I rearranged it (twice!) since that post, I wanted to show you the updated version.

As it turns out, there are only so many ways one can rearrange a room this small. Especially since we decided to move Alyssia (2) and Gabriella (2) in with the big girls. :)

So I won't tell you how many times I've taken the bunk beds apart, put them back together, and moved them into different spots.

No, I won't tell. :)

I'll just show you the final results. Which we all know won't stay final since I rearrange way too often. LOL.

The view from the hallway:

Johanna (14) and Eliana (10) decided to switch beds, so Johanna is now on the bottom and Eliana has the top bunk.

I made the curtain for their dresser out of an old set of curtains from Target.

I found the throw rug several years ago at a consignment shop. It's Pottery Barn Kids. You can also see a glimpse of the gorgeous rag quilts that my mother-in-law made for each of our children. :)

Okay, I LOVE this pink mirror! I almost stole it for my room. :) It was 75% off at Garden Ridge, making it only $12.00. The girls love it, too!

Someday in the near future, we will need another set of bunk beds for our little girls. But for now, this arrangement is working for us! :)

Oh, how I love these big and little girls of mine. I pray they will grow to be lovely daughters of our King, joyfully serving Him and others.

In the meantime, I'm loving watching them learn, live, and grow. :)


  1. It looks very cozy. The California girl in me, living on three fault lines, freaks out a bit at that shelf with the piggy and book right above the crib, though.

    I'm off to China this Wednesday to pick up my 13 year old!!!

  2. Adorable room!! Where is Shellbert the Turtle living these days?

    1. Shellbert returned to his outdoor home. :) He was getting big and his tank took up too much room in the girls' room.

  3. K, good point on the shelf. :)

    Can't wait to read/hear all about your new girl! If you're on facebook, friend me so I can better follow along!

    Kristen, Shellbert is living amongst his wild friends again. He was getting too big for his tank, and the girls desired their dresser space.

  4. Selina,
    Where do you store the girls' clothing? I only have 1 but *am hoping* to start the process in January for 2 more little girls. They will all need to share a room. And it has a small closet.

    Thanks, Julie

    1. I keep the older girls' folded clothing in the white dresser pictured above. Their hanging clothes are in the right side of the closet.

      The little girls' folded clothing is still in Mommy's room, in a 3-drawer plastic dresser. Their hanging clothes are in the left side of the closet.

      I do keep their clothes to a minimum. 2 or 3 church outfits, a couple of matching "go to town" outfits, and about 4 play outfits. This helps keep the clothing space free for other things.


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