Monday, July 30, 2012

Brain mush and Droopy eyes (Oh My!)

There's so much I'd love to be blogging about.

Like Johanna's 15th birthday, complete with party pictures.....

Or the 5th post in my Finding Joy in Motherhood Series.....

Like my feelings on adopting out of birth order......

And my thoughts lately about war or team parenting....

But alas. Between homeschooling and two birthday parties this past weekend, I haven't found enough time to do blogging justice.

I sat down tonight to try to post, but my eyes are droopy and my brain is complete mush. I've stared and typed, deleted and restarted, but it's just not working for me tonight. :)

So, I'm just saying a quick "hello" to my lovely bloggy friends and leaving a promise to be back soon.

Goodnight all! :)


  1. I love reading your posts. Glad that you blogged a quick hi. Looking forward to posts soon. I know that you are a busy Mama.

  2. Okay, I'm home with my new teen daughter and I've got some questions for you, oh, wise, experienced mom...

    What approach did you take in teaching your teen English?

    Mine pitches in and helps with some encouragement, but if I don't give her school work to do, she doesn't do anything. Until I can figure out her interests, it's school work and puzzles.

    1. K,

      Congratulations on your new daughter!

      With Johanna, we just immersed her into English. We used google translate VERY sparingly, and only when really necessary for communication. I treated her like I would a toddler: speak clearly, repetitively, and in an adult voice. Start with the necessities: hygiene, food, clothing, bedtime, no-no behaviour, etc.

      I did give her some math schoolwork to occupy her time. I found that she had NO idea how to play or imagine. She had no kitchen skills, and no idea how to relate maturely to her siblings. :) SO SO much of the first year is about relationships.....yours/hers/siblings/God/friends/extended family, etc. It's about showing her love and compassion, combined with firmness and training.

      Johanna did the least amount required of her in the beginning. I would send her outside to play and she would stand and pout by the door. I would send her to brush her teeth and she would pretend to brush and come back and tell me "all done". :) SO...schoolwork has been the least of my worries, lol.

      Work on relationship building, loving, physical contact, do everything possible together, snuggle her, make lots of eye contact, start teaching her to take care of herself, her things, play with her sister, help with chores, speak to adults (and look them in the eye), etc

      Feel free to ask me anything you want. You can email me at

      Hugs to you and both your daughters! :)


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