Tuesday, April 10, 2012


For those who are curious, here's the pattern information for the two dresses I referenced in the last post.

The dress pattern for the "little girls" is Simplicity Daisy Kingdom 2433 and comes in sizes 3 through 8. I made a size 4 in everything but length as I wanted them long. I could have made a 3 for Lyssie, though (32 pounds) and should have cut the pattern down a bit for Gabbey (20 pounds), but at least they'll get alot of wear out of them! :)

The dress pattern for the "big girls" is Simplicity 9497, the short sleeve variation, and I made both girls a size 12 (with a little extra room for Johanna in the bodice). The pattern comes in sizes 7-14. I added the contrast band and ruffle on the bottom, but otherwise the pattern is as-is. This is the same pattern I used for their winter dresses here.

During a 99-cent sale at Joann's last week I did pick up another REALLY cute pattern for the little girls. It's Simplicity 0351 and is a dress with the sweetest little cap sleeves and two tiers on the bottom. I'd love to whip up a couple of these for the girls!

What projects have YOU been working on lately? If you have pictures on your blog, please share in the comments below! I'd love to be inspired by your craftiness! :

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  1. I'm so impressed with your sewing ability! My Grandma & Mom can both sew just about anything - unfortunately, I never learned how to use a machine! I'm lucky to get buttons sewn back on in the right spot! I know you are (ahem) just a tad bit busy - but when life slows down a bit, you could have a super popular Etsy store!


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