Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Girls and Swimming

I received a question regarding this post and our girls' swimming attire. :)

We do believe in modesty in our home, and try to teach modesty in dress and attitude with our girls. There is so much to being a lady---clothing is just one part, that's for sure!

But as we're teaching our children to keep their bodies covered appropriately and to keep the focus on their countenances, the question will arise---what about swimming?

For our family, we do not change our modesty standards when our bodies go near a body of water. :)

We have been so happy with swim shirts and shorts on our little boys. Dressing the girls in comfortable water apparel can be a little harder, though! I know there are some wonderful websites that make modest swim clothing for girls (I actually own one from that works great and keeps me comfortable in and out of the water!) but they are pricey and it's just not practical for us to spend that much on growing girls. :)

So we usually purchase swim shirts (Ellie's pink one is actually just an "athletic" shirt from Target) and try to find long swim trunks in girly colors to wear with them. I was tickled to find both girls pink trunks at a consignment sale. I think they're both Land's End brand, but I didn't pay Land's End pricing. :)  Johanna's swim shirt was from a thrift store and doesn't match her swim trunks, but we haven't found an inexpensive alternative yet, and she didn't care anyway. :)

I usually don't get more than my ankles wet at the ocean, so I just wear my regular clothing. But my girls are growing girls who love to swim when they have the chance, so I'm thankful for modest clothing choices for them. :)

Aren't you impressed? TWO posts in one evening! :) Too bad I can't just plug a cord into my brain and automatically download the rest of the posts waiting there. LOL

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  1. The other benefit of a swim shirt and trunks and trunks over a conventional swimsuit on girls is that it's MUCH more comfortable. No wedgies, easy to use the restroom in and provides a bit more protection from the sun.

    I've found that the "Tech Tops" and "Duo Dry" shirts from the activewear collections at Target make good swim shirts all around.


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