Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are all adjusting well to life with a new "baby". Every time the Lord blesses us with another child, we share the joy of the journey with all of our children, gently guiding their hearts towards the blessings of the Lord and the preciousness of a new life. Our children were very prepared for Gabbey, and have welcomed her joyfully into our family. Ethan, however, has lost his "baby" status, and has probably had the hardest time adjusting. He LOVES his new sister, but doesn't always "get it". We expected this, and are working on it with him.

On that note, I thought I'd share this series of photos, which caught Ethan sharing his dinner with his new little sister:

"Psst: Gabbey! Come here! I've got something much better to eat than that baby food slop Momma and Daddy have been feeding you!"

"PIZZA! Try it, it's yummy!"

Momma: "Ethan, what are you doing?"  To which he responded with this cheesy smile.....what can I say? They both melt my heart....


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